Saturday, March 29, 2008

Super Saturday

Boy am I glad I am not counting ins and outs...

It all started with a visit to St Andrews fair this morning... and found Betsy and Paula who just cried out to be loved again.

Then I searched through a box of material and found this stash (well that is what was left after MiniBella took some out of it).

Then it was the ACT Miniature Enthusiast Doll House and Miniatures Fair at Weston Creek. More photos from that later on (I hope if TSS shares hers... I forgot my camera didn't I!)

Anyhow, I bought some fabric pieces from Jen. 80 pieces of beautiful fabric - even if it is only 10cm by 10cm big.

Then at the end of the show - the unbelievable happened. I won the basket of Minis Raffle. Apparently buying 6 tickets and stuffing them into one box worked...

That is kitchen furniture, an old cast iron stove, some crockery, little pots, books, a tea set, and oh so much more... Thank you people.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sleeping Bags for Very Important People

I am having a pair of wonderful grandies staying over tonight - and in a little unit with 1 bedroom and the boss's office, spare beds and bedding are light on.

I found a couple of old blankets, and some fabric from my stash - and now I have two individual sleeping bags for some little boys

Both of these blankets have provenance. The brown one was my mum's - and the blue one came from an uncle. Now they are being used for the fourth generation...

They still have to sleep on the couches though. Some blow up mattresses won't go astray. Must check out freecycle and see what I can get a hold of.

Spring Contest - oops that is the Northern Hemisphere isn't it

Connamon Girl is having a spring giveaway, and I get extra chances to win it by telling you about it.

Don't you just love the colours of this wool?

You can have a chance to win the wool as well if you go to her site and leave a comment. And because you are feeling generous, say you saw this on my blog, and give me another chance!

Ohhh what the heck - it is autumn here anyhow!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday sewing

I have had a productive day, and an enjoyable one, making these - all 50 of them.

Here is a closer look of a few - they are glasses cases, or mobile phone covers ... or even for an IPod.
They are made for a special occasion where they will be given away to some special people.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Book Pusher...

Yesterday my Darls and I had the day at home (last one for me for a while because I start working 5 days a week from next week) and we went to the Lifeline book Fair It is the most remarkable collection of used book you can ever find, and lots of browsing time is needed. We went with a budget - and My Darls was very good and came in well under budget, but found his beloved Isaac Asimov series he really wanted. He even bought me a Scrabble game to put on my computer.

I went in a bee line to the craft section to check out books. I was doing well looking through the titles (where I could get close enough tot he table of books to see them) and ran into Taph. This girl is a book pusher. She kept finding these treasures for me - and they were treasures. Even with the added peer pressure, I came in under budget also - but only JUST.

There are two books there with dolls clothes in it, the A-Z book on Embroidery (I love that series), 3 books in Good Housekeeping series on sewing and knitting/crochet, patchwork book, Aust Womens Weekly Craft book (delightful instructions in there) and the best one - "The Gentle Arts - 200 Years of the Australian Women's Domestic and Decorative Arts". Taph's experience as a librarian showed through with the beauty of this book. I love it Taph - and it inspires me to make some of the beautiful artwork in there.

A little part of me wants to go back again today... but I must not... I must not... the budget has been spent.

Been a bit quiet -

Well on here it has been a bit quiet... but I promise life has gone on as normal.

Ohh dear I see i Haven't posted since the conference in the Gold Coast. Well to make you jealous, this is the view from my Hotel balcony... Not that I had much time to enjoy it, but it was nice to wake up to . I was responsible to make sure the conference ran smoothly with 200 construction managers - what a great bunch of blokes they are.

Well since then, I have been recovering, and - doing I don't know what. But two weeks seem to have disappeared.

But how could I forget to show you this surprise which arrived home with my darls one afternoon after work! Lots of brownie points there!