Monday, November 26, 2007

Miniature Dolls

The last of my Ebay miniature dolls arrived today from Germany and England. I am very pleased with them.

Here is a small Scots man and Dutch woman, and two little teen dolls.

The baby is a cute hard plastic miniature, and the ceramic one has non-movable limbs and both are sitting nicely on the floor

This is an interesting mixture of German dolls mostly. The little soldier one could be composition - an interesting texture.

And finally the little ones from Germany - including a composition doll on the right. One of the little babies needs restringing - and all of them need some clothes. Time to get knitting and crocheting I think - can't be naked for Christmas. I am pleased to have two lovely little composition dolls - much older. Now I must chase up the meanings of some of the markings on their backs.

The thing is with miniature dolls - they don't take up near the space of the bigger ones. Out unit is in dire need of reorganisation - I have moved the material stash around and made it accessible. I have tidied up the corner where the dolls have taken over. Have to finish stashing away the wool yet...


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Frugalling Saturday

This was supposed to be my haul for today - fabric from The Bargain Place (or whatever it is called) in Queanbeyan for making dolls clothes. The black and white reversible was irresistible - make an interesting bag or something. Spent about $12.00 There is some pastel pink crystal organza - can't you see a delightful party dress for a doll there!
and of course some wool - baby wool for baby clothes, and white cotton for face cloths - $3.50
Then this bag of curlers - just perfect for curling dolls hair - and plenty of them. Dunno what I paid - they came with some fabric.
Then young Madam rung up - "Mum, there is an ad in the Canberra Times for bargain material at a church in Chifley. Will you take me?" She won me over. In the process, we visited the Salvos in Woden - and this doll jumped into my hands. I resisted several other beautiful dolls that just wanted to talk to me, but they didn't have the urgent need for love that this one showed. 50 cents
BUT - at the fabric sale - four large garbage bags of remnants for $5 each. They all jumped into my car. I am sure glad I don't have to count every piece as an "in" - $20. The fabric is wonderful quality and most pieces are at least 1 metre in length. Make some interesting bags, dolls clothes, and I think I will HAVE to give some away.

Two pieces in particular just cry out to be made into tops for me - just lovely. If I needed any more skirts, there is plenty of material here (I think 20 skirts is enough at the moment - but some of them are getting too big, so I guess they won't last forever).

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Introducing Trinity

This is Trinity. One of my babies from Taphophile She is a beauty - a fairly modern doll made with a porcelain head and arms/hands and legs/feet, with a soft body.

But to make Trinity more interesting - she has three faces (inside the bonnet). Depending on the mood she can be asleep...

awake with a wicked grin ....

or crying.
This is Trinity before her makeover...
She is in a beautiful baby dress which used to belong to Taph, and which I have altered around the shoulders to fit her a little better. I also lined the basket for her to lie in. She just calls out for a cuddle when you see her. She is called Trinity because of her three faces.

I have never seen a three faced doll before, but they come from a long heritage.

Ideal Dolls from America have one. Here are some pictures of some more.
And a story of a doll which frightened this actress.
Some history of a three-face doll maker.

I think she is beautiful

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I have finshed rolling up all the material for my craft shop. Recognise it TSS?

Also I have started cleaning up my baby dollies - here is Marjorie after a tub, and hair in curlers. The curlers are chopped up straws with bobby pins... I washed her hair with shampoo and conditioner - supposed to make it soft and shiny again. We shall see how it goes.

The postie was nice to me

Look what the postie brought me yesterday

A bundle of craft shop goodies from RecycleMicol
including these miniature hand spun wool skeins - eat your heart out taph
And a bunch of miniature dolls bought on ebay

And just to show I am not all about babies - here is a wash cloth I finished yesterday. I was inspired by TSS saying she made one called coconut ice. I used the cotton yarn I picked up at Revolve on Saturday.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

To give away

I know of someone who wants to give away this computer desk. it is 90 cm deep and 120 cm wide. The keyboard and monitor shelves are adjustable

Contact me at if you want it - it MUST be gone by Tuesday

They are coming to take over!!!

I have had marvellous visitors this afternoon - and a pile of them stayed...

Seer Taph's story about the dolls history here.

See what I mean about a pile!

Actually that is only about half of them. There are still dozens in boxes, and to be unwrapped. Over 150 all up.
Here is the relinquishing MumAnd the happy new adopting Mum

But two of them have been rehomed already. My wonderful grandsons came to visit and they took one home each. Samson with his little boy doll - possibly to be called Samson

and Ben with his Fijian policeman dolls - probably to be called Ben - or Jeff - because he goes to sleep, and you have to yell "Wake up Jeff".

There are lots more photos, but I will drip feed them to you

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tea Bag folding

I have been having a discussion with some people on tea bag folding. So I am putting some pictures up here so they can see what you can do in making tea bag folded cards.

You can find some instructions on making tea bag folding cards here:

You can download tiles to use for tea bag folding from here
Have fun

A day frugalling - Garage Sale and Revolve

Well - check out my finds for today!!
All this from a Garage Sale for $5 - including the buckles and little decoration below.

This book just had to be bought. It has an inscription in the front cover
With much love & best wishes for a very happy Christmas
From Jim 25 Dec 1896. ($1)

I must try and find out who Jim is - I know who I bought it from

Taking Bob with me frugalling is a disaster. three lovely little girls from the new Revolve Store (Better Bits) in Beltana Road, Piallago. they opened today, and worth a rummage. ($16)

That is it for this morning... Must check out the Classic Craft book, and Knitting for Babies - see what is interesting in there.

Nothing like a list

See - there is nothing like a list to get me moving

Desk is clean already

You can see the digital picture frame (not connected up) that Rosie gave me for my birthday, and the diary my darls wants me to use to get organised, and a card and voucher from ly local craft shop. I will have to go and use it won't I!!

And yes - that is the television you can see from my desk. I can multi-task you know - "work" at the desk and watch television at the same time.

This weekend I will ...

I suspect I need to hold myself accountable to get some things done this weekend. So I will report in on Sunday night to see how I have gone.

This weekend I will ...
  • Do some accounts that Bob has been nagging me to do UMMM I looked at it
  • Finish off at least one little smocked dress for the triplets ALMOST DONE
  • Clean up my computer desk DONE
  • Roll up at least 30 bolts of miniature material DONE
  • Tidy up the material piles in the living area DONE
Added to the list
  • Take the old clothes to the Salvos Bin DONE
  • Return Rosie's coat to her Still here
  • Tidy up pile of miniatures and craft stuff DONE
And of course, I have an adoption ceremony with Taph on Sunday. DONE

Little extras for my birthday.

I finished work a little early yesterday, and called in to see TSS. Not too sure it was the best thing to do, though the rose hip tea was delightful.

Look what I left with then!

A house to display my babies in

A babies' cot that needs a bit of love and care

A Decorated Doll's House book to give me more inspiration - if I need any,,,,

I am still waiting for my babies bought on the Internet to turn up. Should be an interesting week of adopting new babies coming up.

I finished my first wash cloth last night. It sits very nicely in my white bathroom - and is made from Chennile yarn, so is very soft. But I am unsure of how long-lasting it will be though. Will be wonderful for washing my face.

Saturday is here - no work - there has to be some benefits of having a house husband you know.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Now look what has happened.

Reading about knitting wash cloths has got to me ... now I have started doing it.

I have cut out the fabric swatches to roll up into fabric bolts for the craft shop. Just a few that I have still to make into bolts!!

Otherwise, the last couple of days I have been busy editing and preparing the local community newspaper. It is my first one and I will link to it when it goes online. Such a satisfying task to have (almost) completed.

Oh I forgot - and I celebrated by last birthday in the naughty forties, and better still, our 10th wedding anniversary. The thing is, I am 33kg lighter than last birthday, and i feel I am at least 15 years younger. I suspect I may have added 15 years to my life.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Look what turned up in my letterbox today

Thank you m1k1 for this wonderful stash of miniatures fabrics. I feel totally spoiled. There are 92 - yes - 92 pieces.

What will I do with them. Firstly they will add to my collection of fabrics for the miniature craft store. Then what is left over will be used for patchwork quilts, aprons and mini dresses for my babies.

Boy am I glad I haven't started counting the ins and outs yet.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Displaying the dolls

Today, out of pure desperation, I went to the Mitchell recycling centre and to get something to display the dolls on. Could be an interesting display over time.

Let me introduce you to some of my babies

Firstly there is Ruth. She is a 1953 Ideal doll who has an interesting history. Most likely bought in Indonesia, she returned to Holland and finally emigrated to Australia. Ruth was owned by Joyce Hill. Joyce is the first wife of Bob's ex-wife's husband. Now if you can work that one out, you are very intelligent, and should join Mensa. Anyhow - she is being kept within the family - well sort of...

Cynthia is a porcelain doll I bought for Rosie when she was a little girl. Unfortunately, she was not interested in dolls, and so she has stood in my lounge room ever since. Her dress is badly in need of some repair - which will happen some day.

Finally there is Annie. She is the doll I adopted after Bob's mum passed away. Anne is the name of Bob's sister who passed away just before we were married 10 years ago. She is missing a bootie - I can't remember if I lost the bootie, or she came without it. Anyhow, as Mum Jessie made the outfit - I am not replacing it. She is precious.