Thursday, November 22, 2007

Introducing Trinity

This is Trinity. One of my babies from Taphophile She is a beauty - a fairly modern doll made with a porcelain head and arms/hands and legs/feet, with a soft body.

But to make Trinity more interesting - she has three faces (inside the bonnet). Depending on the mood she can be asleep...

awake with a wicked grin ....

or crying.
This is Trinity before her makeover...
She is in a beautiful baby dress which used to belong to Taph, and which I have altered around the shoulders to fit her a little better. I also lined the basket for her to lie in. She just calls out for a cuddle when you see her. She is called Trinity because of her three faces.

I have never seen a three faced doll before, but they come from a long heritage.

Ideal Dolls from America have one. Here are some pictures of some more.
And a story of a doll which frightened this actress.
Some history of a three-face doll maker.

I think she is beautiful

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Taphophile said...

You've done a lovely job on her basket, Janet. Well done. :)