Friday, November 9, 2007

I've done it again

I have done it again - bought some more babies on ebay. I have another auction that runs out in the middle of the night . I am kind of hoping that someone else will bid against me on the others, or I will have so many babies I won't know what to do...

Hope my Mum never sees this blog ... she will tell me off I am sure. Just as well dearest hubby is good and patient with me. But there are some beautiful babies in this collection.



The Shopping Sherpa said...

Repeat after me:

"Use the watch list.
Use the watch list.
Use the watch list..."


Janet McKinney said...

I did, and then they talked to me from it. They said BID ON ME, BID ON ME, I want a home....

They are very noisy you know when they all cry out at once!!


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Oh I understand completely and I'm not even a "doll person". Did you read my tale of Doreen and Dennis MacGregor? (

Janet McKinney said...

Yes I understand... did your family ever extend and have another baby.

Janet McK