Sunday, November 11, 2007

Displaying the dolls

Today, out of pure desperation, I went to the Mitchell recycling centre and to get something to display the dolls on. Could be an interesting display over time.

Let me introduce you to some of my babies

Firstly there is Ruth. She is a 1953 Ideal doll who has an interesting history. Most likely bought in Indonesia, she returned to Holland and finally emigrated to Australia. Ruth was owned by Joyce Hill. Joyce is the first wife of Bob's ex-wife's husband. Now if you can work that one out, you are very intelligent, and should join Mensa. Anyhow - she is being kept within the family - well sort of...

Cynthia is a porcelain doll I bought for Rosie when she was a little girl. Unfortunately, she was not interested in dolls, and so she has stood in my lounge room ever since. Her dress is badly in need of some repair - which will happen some day.

Finally there is Annie. She is the doll I adopted after Bob's mum passed away. Anne is the name of Bob's sister who passed away just before we were married 10 years ago. She is missing a bootie - I can't remember if I lost the bootie, or she came without it. Anyhow, as Mum Jessie made the outfit - I am not replacing it. She is precious.

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