Saturday, November 17, 2007

A day frugalling - Garage Sale and Revolve

Well - check out my finds for today!!
All this from a Garage Sale for $5 - including the buckles and little decoration below.

This book just had to be bought. It has an inscription in the front cover
With much love & best wishes for a very happy Christmas
From Jim 25 Dec 1896. ($1)

I must try and find out who Jim is - I know who I bought it from

Taking Bob with me frugalling is a disaster. three lovely little girls from the new Revolve Store (Better Bits) in Beltana Road, Piallago. they opened today, and worth a rummage. ($16)

That is it for this morning... Must check out the Classic Craft book, and Knitting for Babies - see what is interesting in there.

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