Saturday, November 17, 2007

Little extras for my birthday.

I finished work a little early yesterday, and called in to see TSS. Not too sure it was the best thing to do, though the rose hip tea was delightful.

Look what I left with then!

A house to display my babies in

A babies' cot that needs a bit of love and care

A Decorated Doll's House book to give me more inspiration - if I need any,,,,

I am still waiting for my babies bought on the Internet to turn up. Should be an interesting week of adopting new babies coming up.

I finished my first wash cloth last night. It sits very nicely in my white bathroom - and is made from Chennile yarn, so is very soft. But I am unsure of how long-lasting it will be though. Will be wonderful for washing my face.

Saturday is here - no work - there has to be some benefits of having a house husband you know.

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