Saturday, November 17, 2007

This weekend I will ...

I suspect I need to hold myself accountable to get some things done this weekend. So I will report in on Sunday night to see how I have gone.

This weekend I will ...
  • Do some accounts that Bob has been nagging me to do UMMM I looked at it
  • Finish off at least one little smocked dress for the triplets ALMOST DONE
  • Clean up my computer desk DONE
  • Roll up at least 30 bolts of miniature material DONE
  • Tidy up the material piles in the living area DONE
Added to the list
  • Take the old clothes to the Salvos Bin DONE
  • Return Rosie's coat to her Still here
  • Tidy up pile of miniatures and craft stuff DONE
And of course, I have an adoption ceremony with Taph on Sunday. DONE

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