Sunday, November 11, 2007

And still more...

Does it never end - do I want it to end? Of course not.

I have made arrangements to adopt some dolls from . Apparently some of my new babies are baby size - or at least small child size. I remember as a little child going to visit Mrs Smith, and behind her couch she had what to me was the world's most beautiful dolly - that stood about 90cm tall. Arhhhh I so wanted to touch that dolly, and dress it.

Looks like dreams come true sometimes in ways you don't expect. What fun.

Thank you Taph...

Some more photos hey!

The picnic scene I made up for the ACTME show in 2007.

I just love this little cutie. She was a cheap porcelain doll from the Reject Shop - and my first adventure into miniature crochet.


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Taphophile said...

You might want to save your thanks until your husband sees me pull up in the ute!

Seriously, though - I'm just so pleased that Nanna's babies will find a new home with someone who loves them as much as she did.