Thursday, November 8, 2007

What a day

I am blaming the Shopping Sherpa. I went and visited her and then she put the pictures of my little babies up on site. She said that the little red one was an Ari doll. Then I had to check up these dolls on the internet - this led to finding dolls for sale on EBay - I have bid for 6 lots! Not being satisfied with waiting to see if I won then, my dearest hubby and I went to the recycling centre in Mitchell (he had some batteries to deliver), and I bought a doll and 3 pieces of material.

Well you know what happens when you get a taste and it is an addiction. We just HAD to got to Revolve didn't we - and I found a plastic bag full of 24 dolls - yes 24, and a pile of dolls clothes, and of course some more material .... all for $19.00. Next thing, went to the Salvos in Fyshwick - and DH finds these little boxes with 4 pewter chairs in them - 2 sets for $6.00 each.

Ohhh it is too much. I was thinking of starting my own "ins and outs" - but I have decided to leave it until the first day of summer. That means I can get as many ebay dolls as I can, and this collection of - well probably 100 articles - don't count.

On the positive side - I swapped a piece of material with SS, and gave away two stars I made to my grandchildren this morning. Does that count?

Yeah yeah, I need to get a camera working... So here is some photos of my babies I took earlier.

More another day


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Taphophile said...

Cripes, you did have a good haul. I find blaming TSS for my shopping excesses helps, too. ;) She and I are continuing 7 things through the summer - look forward to seeing your lists.