Saturday, December 29, 2007

Things that make me happy

I accepted the Shopping Sherpa's invitation to blog about seven things that make me happy. So here goes...

Top of the list - my bald darling...And my lovely, beautiful creative daughter ...
And wonderful son and his girlfriend...
cheeky grandchildren...
my changing shape...
wonderful memories - especially of my children when they are young...
being creative...
and being part of a community that cares for others.

Seven things Summer Week 4

  • 1 calendar
  • 1 brooch
  • 1 card making supplies
  • 1 Suitcase
  • 1 bunch Used Christmas cards ( - craft supplies)
  • 1 Hair wrap
  • 1 huge white bear
  • 2 handbags
  • 1 set candles
  • 3 dress hangers
  • 54 miniature bits & pieces - courtesy TSS

  • 6 surprise boxes with
    • 25 mini cards
    • 6 miniature boxes
    • 1miniature crochet duchess set
    • 2 miniature crochet blankets
    • 7 - 3D images
    • 1 beaded Christmas decoration
    • 3 beaded bracelets
    • 1 beaded necklace
    • 1 beaded bangle
    • 1 miniature doll with dress & hat
    • 2 Christmas hot mats
    • 1 miniature crochet cushion
    • 1 miniature "Home Sweet Home" wall hanging
    • 2 miniature Christmas cracker boxes
    • 1 packet miniature Christmas cards
    • 8 miniature wool skeins
    • 7 miniature ribbon skeins
  • 1 apron
  • 1 pot holder
  • 2 hot water bottle covers
  • 4 hot mats
  • 1 wash cloth
  • 1 knitted teddy
  • 1 knitted beanie
  • 2 little boy aprons
  • 1 pin cushion
  • 1 needle case
  • 3 santa stockings
  • 4 dolls
  • Christmas fabric lining for 9 baskets for Christmas Feast
  • 1 potholder
  • 1 apron
  • 1 stuffed ball (trial)
  • 1 knitted beanie
  • 1 mini crochet mat
  • 5 mini dolls hangers
  • 1 mini crochet cape, skirt, hat and bag
  • 1 mini knitted pants & top
  • 1 mini knitted stripe top
  • IN 67 Total December: 82
  • OUT 92 Total December: 273
  • TIAA 26 Total December 65
But... this is Christmas, and I knew that I had a pile of gifts to supply for the Christmas Feast, and I made all my Christmas gifts, so they counted as outs. For those who disputed the Gift tags I used - they were ones I made, and I had in stash... so they counted as outs!!! Let's see how January goes now.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Doncha love holidays

Arhhh Holidays - time to do what you want. I have been sorting through my craft gear - in particular the dolls corner.

Here is a cute little baby doll - all of about 8 cm long, with her new knitted layette. She needs a name doesn't she? How about Holly?

This year for our ACT Miniature Enthusiasts Show, we are doing Break-away rooms (see Charlene's here).
This is my contribution - not yet finished with all its little bits and pieces, but getting there. It is a bedsit for a Uni student/s in the 1970s - when I went to Teacher's College. Need a bean bag, lots of books and paper, a granny square rug for the bed, put up the macramé hanger - with a pot plant (probably dead!) oh and lots of posters - PEACE, LOVE and so on!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back again

You probably didn't notice me gone did you? But we had a scare just before Christmas - Bob tells me we had used up the 24 Gig of download for the month, and we were being charged per MB. I couldn't believe it, but we went Internet free (just about) for several days - until we found out we have 5 Gig left for the month. I was beginning to think my fascination for craft blogs was going to be an expensive hobby!

Anyhow - I got some tidying up done - and even organised what Bob calls "my family". There are more - they are just the decent ones, clothed and in one piece. I have a couple of boxes of dolls that need some tender loving care - and horror of horrors (please don't report me), in those 3 drawers are - well probably hundreds - of little babies. They all need clothes.

Talking of clothing the dolls - Here is Nicolette - so named by TSS because she is nicoless - or is it knickerless. It all started crocheting a cape, and then she needed a skirt to go under it, and a hat of course, and then a little bag. The tiny doll in the hand bag is from TSS - part of the 54 items she gave me yesterday - just to stuff up my INs and OUTs and to make hers look better! Wicked woman.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Baskets

Here are eight Christmas Baskets I have decorated to go on the tables at the Christmas Feast. They will be used in the centre of the tables and filled with nibblies and goodies to eat.
Have I told you about the Christmas Feast. The church I go to is having a Christmas Feast for people who don't have family to share Christmas with this year. We have contacts through the Foodbank, disability groups, old people's homes, and mothers with preschoolers etc.
This is my ideal Christmas - sharing your goodies with others who cannot necessarily return it. We have a lot of people from the church, and from other contacts who are coming to volunteer to make and serve the dinner.
These baskets I received from Caryn when they left Canberra - and they are being put to good use. The materials and decorations I received through freecycle from someone who used to do scouts group crafts.

Best link for de-cluttering

I have just found this fabulous link to decluttering your house. My Mum seems to do this naturally, and so never really accumulates clutter. Me - things accumulate all by themselves, though I have used this exact method of decluttering in the past. I think I need to do it again.

Walk Slowly, Live Wildly


Saturday, December 22, 2007

I have some little boxes of surprises for you

It is nearly Christmas, and I promised a little surprise box for you - and here they are.

Therefore - please contact me at with your contact details:
  • Melissa
  • Casp
  • Gemma
Taph, M1K1 and TSS - I have a box for you coming too, but I know your addresses!!

( I know Caryn also left a comment - but she is my step-wife-in-law so she gets a present anyhow for Christmas. Can't work that one out - well you see, we share the same wonderful grandchildren ... Her daughter is my step-daughter ... she is my darls first wife ... does that make it clearer. Ohhh not to forget - she is a good friend too!!!!)

Thank you for your comments. I read all of your blogs regularly, and I get so much inspiration from what you do too.

Janet McKinney

Seven Things Summer Week 3

I am trying to remember if I have any ins this week. That is right:
  • A little miniature face mask from TSS bought in ?? Bali ?? (Was it TSS)
  • A wine bottle apron (gift)
  • 1 Christmas Hot Mat (Gift)
  • 1 Miniature Japanese Doll and Oriental mat (Gifts)
  • Knitted Jumper, 3 face cloths, doll - donation gift
  • One Diana Ceramic Doll - gift
  • 150 plus hand made cards and rolls and rolls of Christmas Wrapping Paper in my stash cupboard - wrapping presents for the Christmas Feast
  • 45 dolls - gifts for the Christmas Feast (note: Many of these came back, so I didn't count them in the totals for December. I now have a lovely display of International dolls)
  • 6 gift boxes for surprises
  • After such a creative weekend, I don't think I have finished anything this week. Been working on a doll's blanket made out of garter stitch knitted square - 16 of 25 squares finished.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

More creations - again

Well I am having fun still with creating things. Meet Camille. She is a real sweetie - and will be adopted by a little girl (I hope) at the Christmas Feast.
A blue teapot cosy for the teapot at work - knitted in Fisherman's Rib. I want to be able to make a cup of tea at work, and actually use the second cup in the pot before it gets too cold.... (Work in Progress - needed to be sewn up to be finished.)

A special Granny Square Christmas mat - to be given away at the Christmas Feast. (work in Progress - just required final rows to finish off)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Seven Things Summer - Week 2

  • I have been so good this week. I have only one in... well that depends on whether Taph counts it as one or many... - One bag of cotton yarns for making wash cloths

  • 4 Christmas Gifts for family (gift)
  • 7 cards (home made) (gift)
  • One box of bits and pieces no longer needed - in sorting through my craft pile (Rubbish)
  • 2 rubbish bags of bits and pieces from the Pre-Christmas clean up

Arhhh this is where I have been busy...
  • Two patchwork hot water bottle covers
  • 8 aprons
  • 1 wash cloth knitted
  • 3 hot mats
  • Matching needle case and pin cushion (gift)
  • Knitted teddy
  • Doll's Outfit
  • Crochet Christmas Granny Square mat
  • Knitted Tea Cosy
I will add tomorrow (Saturday) any more I actually get finished.
More coming - I have put the UFO (unfinished objects) or WIP (work in progress) box on the sofa - it is to be worked through BEFORE starting anything new - well except of course a matching teddy bear for the other little person....

More creations

I have been making more Christmas Presents. Firstly a needle case, and matching pin cushion for the daughter of my heart. (sorry, I wrapped it before taking a photo of the pin cushion). it is made from some reused Indian style embroidery I fruggled from somewhere.
And of course it needs the personal touch - hopefully it will still be around in 2047!

Then there are some little boys who all they need to say is "Nanny, will you knit me a teddy bear for Christmas?", and it happens magically....

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas gifts

I have had a wonderful week sewing Christmas gifts

Two log-cabin hot water bottle covers - His and Hers version.

An apron for Mum...

And daughter....


For Dad and Son....

Two more aprons for little girls

And aprons for two gorgeous grandsons.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Seven Things Summer - Week 1

  • 10 facecloths - Best & Less $4.00
  • 3 balls of knitting yard - Revolve Better bits - $1.50
  • 2 Facecloths - donated to Christmas Tree Appeal
  • 1 Doll of the World - donated to Christmas Tree Appeal
  • 2 rubbish bags of countless pieces of paper - clean up around my desk - Rubbish
  • 2 cards - to my grandsons

The week started well with lots of craft things done - but then heated up and got so busy that nothing more got done for the rest of the week. Lots of running children (grown up variety) around this week, including Madam 23 yr-old birthday. She hasn't got her present form me yet - it is coming from Ebay...

IN: 13
OUT: 7
TIAA: 19

Not too goof - but Christmas is coming and there will be lots more out soon.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

What's in the box

OK - in the spirit of the giving season, and to bribe you into leaving comments- I have a mystery parcel for someone who leaves a comment on my blog this month. In the parcel there will be something - or maybe more than one thing - made by my own fair hand...

What could it be I wonder?

It could be one of my re-loved dolls cleaned up and with a new outfit (where available, the original outfit will be included). It could be a stash of my beautiful home-made cards, or even one of my famous Christmas Hot Mats. it could be Christmas Decorations, or an ornament or jewelry made from beads. It may be some miniatures for your dolls house. It could even come from my not inconsiderable stash. I will decide what to give when the name is chosen. You may even have a choice - Shopping Sherpa - you will miss out on the Christmas Decorations...

Well actually - I will give away five boxes before Christmas.

Your name will go into a box for as many of the following reasons as you like...
  1. Just for leaving a comment on any of my posts this month (until I decide to make the draw)
  2. If you tell me you have made a blog posting about my site
  3. If you tell me you have placed me on your blog roll
  4. If someone else leaves a comment, saying they followed a link from your blog
  5. Or if you can convince me that we have met, talked, or emailed before...
So - there will be five boxes in which your name can go - and as many times as is appropriate. You can cheat by doubling up on your comments - well not replicas, but more than one post, and bribery is definitely an advantage.

No 5 is especially for those of you who say they look at my blog, but never comment. Get off your ... whatever it is you sit on ... and leave a comment.

I promise to return blogroll anyone who blogrolls me - well if I am OK with your site of course. No porn, corruption or real bad taste blogs included. Craft, miniatures or blogs that make me laugh are guaranteed inclusion.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


I purchased these 10 facecloths this morning from Best and Less ($4) and I have crocheted around all 10 edges today. My hands are feeling it a bit - but they look good. I always think that facecloths that are crocheted around last a lot longer.

Then there is Nellie - I made her a new dress this week. She is so sweet.

Where have I been all week

Dolls and Crafts
Oh dear - it has been a busy week, and I haven't been here. What has happened. I made up a dress and jacket for a baby - will include a photo later on. She is a beauty.

Liz came over yesterday - and she and the kids were here when I got home from work. She raided my material cupboard, and took 4 pieces of material to make stuff for the boys. Rosie gave her a sewing machine for her birthday - and so it is fun for her.

I finished another facecloth.

Seven Things Summer
I am going to start the record of what I buy (in the way of craft and other non-essentials) each week, and what I get rid of during the week - as well as what I use to make into something else. Here are the rules... The idea is to try and get rid of at least 7 more things out of the house in a week more than you bring into the house.

Today is the first day of summer... so what I get from today on counts. Bother - I just bought 10 facecloths to crochet an edge around and give away as presents at the Christmas Dinner. I guess it has to count, because I am going to do something with them.

Christmas Feast
I have also been collecting gifts for a Christmas Dinner I am part of planning this year. It is being held at our church for people who don't have family to share Christmas with. Actually, for those of you looking for an outlet for unwanted items, I am interested in collecting anything you may like to donate to use as gifts. I will include some more information on it later on. thankfully, what you bring in, in order to give away doesn't count on the list :)

OK then - I have some accounting to do - not the most pleasant of jobs, but the appointment with the accountant has been made fro Wednesday - got to get it finished...

Janet McK

Monday, November 26, 2007

Miniature Dolls

The last of my Ebay miniature dolls arrived today from Germany and England. I am very pleased with them.

Here is a small Scots man and Dutch woman, and two little teen dolls.

The baby is a cute hard plastic miniature, and the ceramic one has non-movable limbs and both are sitting nicely on the floor

This is an interesting mixture of German dolls mostly. The little soldier one could be composition - an interesting texture.

And finally the little ones from Germany - including a composition doll on the right. One of the little babies needs restringing - and all of them need some clothes. Time to get knitting and crocheting I think - can't be naked for Christmas. I am pleased to have two lovely little composition dolls - much older. Now I must chase up the meanings of some of the markings on their backs.

The thing is with miniature dolls - they don't take up near the space of the bigger ones. Out unit is in dire need of reorganisation - I have moved the material stash around and made it accessible. I have tidied up the corner where the dolls have taken over. Have to finish stashing away the wool yet...


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Frugalling Saturday

This was supposed to be my haul for today - fabric from The Bargain Place (or whatever it is called) in Queanbeyan for making dolls clothes. The black and white reversible was irresistible - make an interesting bag or something. Spent about $12.00 There is some pastel pink crystal organza - can't you see a delightful party dress for a doll there!
and of course some wool - baby wool for baby clothes, and white cotton for face cloths - $3.50
Then this bag of curlers - just perfect for curling dolls hair - and plenty of them. Dunno what I paid - they came with some fabric.
Then young Madam rung up - "Mum, there is an ad in the Canberra Times for bargain material at a church in Chifley. Will you take me?" She won me over. In the process, we visited the Salvos in Woden - and this doll jumped into my hands. I resisted several other beautiful dolls that just wanted to talk to me, but they didn't have the urgent need for love that this one showed. 50 cents
BUT - at the fabric sale - four large garbage bags of remnants for $5 each. They all jumped into my car. I am sure glad I don't have to count every piece as an "in" - $20. The fabric is wonderful quality and most pieces are at least 1 metre in length. Make some interesting bags, dolls clothes, and I think I will HAVE to give some away.

Two pieces in particular just cry out to be made into tops for me - just lovely. If I needed any more skirts, there is plenty of material here (I think 20 skirts is enough at the moment - but some of them are getting too big, so I guess they won't last forever).

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Introducing Trinity

This is Trinity. One of my babies from Taphophile She is a beauty - a fairly modern doll made with a porcelain head and arms/hands and legs/feet, with a soft body.

But to make Trinity more interesting - she has three faces (inside the bonnet). Depending on the mood she can be asleep...

awake with a wicked grin ....

or crying.
This is Trinity before her makeover...
She is in a beautiful baby dress which used to belong to Taph, and which I have altered around the shoulders to fit her a little better. I also lined the basket for her to lie in. She just calls out for a cuddle when you see her. She is called Trinity because of her three faces.

I have never seen a three faced doll before, but they come from a long heritage.

Ideal Dolls from America have one. Here are some pictures of some more.
And a story of a doll which frightened this actress.
Some history of a three-face doll maker.

I think she is beautiful

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I have finshed rolling up all the material for my craft shop. Recognise it TSS?

Also I have started cleaning up my baby dollies - here is Marjorie after a tub, and hair in curlers. The curlers are chopped up straws with bobby pins... I washed her hair with shampoo and conditioner - supposed to make it soft and shiny again. We shall see how it goes.