Saturday, December 1, 2007

Where have I been all week

Dolls and Crafts
Oh dear - it has been a busy week, and I haven't been here. What has happened. I made up a dress and jacket for a baby - will include a photo later on. She is a beauty.

Liz came over yesterday - and she and the kids were here when I got home from work. She raided my material cupboard, and took 4 pieces of material to make stuff for the boys. Rosie gave her a sewing machine for her birthday - and so it is fun for her.

I finished another facecloth.

Seven Things Summer
I am going to start the record of what I buy (in the way of craft and other non-essentials) each week, and what I get rid of during the week - as well as what I use to make into something else. Here are the rules... The idea is to try and get rid of at least 7 more things out of the house in a week more than you bring into the house.

Today is the first day of summer... so what I get from today on counts. Bother - I just bought 10 facecloths to crochet an edge around and give away as presents at the Christmas Dinner. I guess it has to count, because I am going to do something with them.

Christmas Feast
I have also been collecting gifts for a Christmas Dinner I am part of planning this year. It is being held at our church for people who don't have family to share Christmas with. Actually, for those of you looking for an outlet for unwanted items, I am interested in collecting anything you may like to donate to use as gifts. I will include some more information on it later on. thankfully, what you bring in, in order to give away doesn't count on the list :)

OK then - I have some accounting to do - not the most pleasant of jobs, but the appointment with the accountant has been made fro Wednesday - got to get it finished...

Janet McK

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