Friday, December 28, 2007

Doncha love holidays

Arhhh Holidays - time to do what you want. I have been sorting through my craft gear - in particular the dolls corner.

Here is a cute little baby doll - all of about 8 cm long, with her new knitted layette. She needs a name doesn't she? How about Holly?

This year for our ACT Miniature Enthusiasts Show, we are doing Break-away rooms (see Charlene's here).
This is my contribution - not yet finished with all its little bits and pieces, but getting there. It is a bedsit for a Uni student/s in the 1970s - when I went to Teacher's College. Need a bean bag, lots of books and paper, a granny square rug for the bed, put up the macramé hanger - with a pot plant (probably dead!) oh and lots of posters - PEACE, LOVE and so on!!

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