Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back again

You probably didn't notice me gone did you? But we had a scare just before Christmas - Bob tells me we had used up the 24 Gig of download for the month, and we were being charged per MB. I couldn't believe it, but we went Internet free (just about) for several days - until we found out we have 5 Gig left for the month. I was beginning to think my fascination for craft blogs was going to be an expensive hobby!

Anyhow - I got some tidying up done - and even organised what Bob calls "my family". There are more - they are just the decent ones, clothed and in one piece. I have a couple of boxes of dolls that need some tender loving care - and horror of horrors (please don't report me), in those 3 drawers are - well probably hundreds - of little babies. They all need clothes.

Talking of clothing the dolls - Here is Nicolette - so named by TSS because she is nicoless - or is it knickerless. It all started crocheting a cape, and then she needed a skirt to go under it, and a hat of course, and then a little bag. The tiny doll in the hand bag is from TSS - part of the 54 items she gave me yesterday - just to stuff up my INs and OUTs and to make hers look better! Wicked woman.

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m1k1 said...

That sent me rushing to my provider account just to check, but I'm well within limits, although I notice usage is about 100 times what it used to be, pre-blogging.
Unless it's the live update of the English Premier League results I sometimes forget to switch off!
Thanks again for the parcel.