Saturday, December 15, 2007

Seven Things Summer - Week 2

  • I have been so good this week. I have only one in... well that depends on whether Taph counts it as one or many... - One bag of cotton yarns for making wash cloths

  • 4 Christmas Gifts for family (gift)
  • 7 cards (home made) (gift)
  • One box of bits and pieces no longer needed - in sorting through my craft pile (Rubbish)
  • 2 rubbish bags of bits and pieces from the Pre-Christmas clean up

Arhhh this is where I have been busy...
  • Two patchwork hot water bottle covers
  • 8 aprons
  • 1 wash cloth knitted
  • 3 hot mats
  • Matching needle case and pin cushion (gift)
  • Knitted teddy
  • Doll's Outfit
  • Crochet Christmas Granny Square mat
  • Knitted Tea Cosy
I will add tomorrow (Saturday) any more I actually get finished.
More coming - I have put the UFO (unfinished objects) or WIP (work in progress) box on the sofa - it is to be worked through BEFORE starting anything new - well except of course a matching teddy bear for the other little person....

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Taphophile said...

Ah, 7 Things maths - it's a magical formula. For me it was 15 balls or equivalent out! It's perfectly fine for it to be 1 bag in for you, though.