Saturday, December 22, 2007

Seven Things Summer Week 3

I am trying to remember if I have any ins this week. That is right:
  • A little miniature face mask from TSS bought in ?? Bali ?? (Was it TSS)
  • A wine bottle apron (gift)
  • 1 Christmas Hot Mat (Gift)
  • 1 Miniature Japanese Doll and Oriental mat (Gifts)
  • Knitted Jumper, 3 face cloths, doll - donation gift
  • One Diana Ceramic Doll - gift
  • 150 plus hand made cards and rolls and rolls of Christmas Wrapping Paper in my stash cupboard - wrapping presents for the Christmas Feast
  • 45 dolls - gifts for the Christmas Feast (note: Many of these came back, so I didn't count them in the totals for December. I now have a lovely display of International dolls)
  • 6 gift boxes for surprises
  • After such a creative weekend, I don't think I have finished anything this week. Been working on a doll's blanket made out of garter stitch knitted square - 16 of 25 squares finished.


gemma said...

Gosh, you are a talented and extremely busy lady. your blue doll is dressed beautifully.
lovely to meet you

lovestitches said...

wow, talk about busy!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Singapore, actually - and well dfone on this week's numbers!