Sunday, February 17, 2008

Raibow scarf & Log cabins

Here is the finally finished rainbow scarf. It is knitted in double moss stitch, and where the colours were joined, I decided to make into a fringe. I have never seen this before - but it looks like an interesting collar on.

These are log cabin patchwork squares from Sew Mama Sew patch for the week. I love the look of the shadow and light in the smaller one. They are little mat to put under a tea pot and a cup. I guess I will make some more square patches to make more coasters over the following weeks.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I have been busy ... again

This is my lovely two grandies - and their Mum Liz - and the new T shirts they all got made for them this morning. Liz's is made from material I picked up at Vinnies this morning - the boys chose theirs a couple of weeks ago. So that is three things completed, and three things out!

It followed me home - can I keep it!!

First of all - here are the three premmie hats I made - and the latest wash cloth made from the cotton yarn I picked up at Salvos with TSS

I was such a good girl - I took the Shopping trolley FULL of things to Vinnies - and these all lept into my hands, and pleaded to be taken home. I am resistant to most dolls calling out to be loved these days - but these two just snuck in under the radar. Just love the orange knitted jacket - it cries out for a little dress under it, and matching booties.

Look at that wool - 10 balls of 50g Sirdar Pullman for a man's scarf and what else for $7.50 and 5 balls of Patons Caressa for$4.! The material would make a nice T-shirt for Liz.

Which reminds me - I promised two young lads a new T-shirt from my material stash - and they are coming to visit some time soon - so I really ought to get it out and make up shouldn't I?

So that makes totals for this week (including an extra shoe rack and laundry hamper taken to Vinnies)

Ins 287
Outs 662
TIAA still 111

Seven Things Summer - Week 11

It has been another busy week. I have been creative with the knitting, and knitted a rainbow scarf, finished a wash cloth and three premmie baby caps - photos later. the socks are coming slowly, but this week I go to the Gold Coast for a conference, and the socks will be my companion there.

INs: 37 items
Oh dear - it is just as well I write my ins down when I get them - I was thinking this has been a good week, then I forgot last Sunday lunch with fellow Can Bandits, where I collected a pile of clothes. And I did buy some yarn (that is short for the fact that it was acrylic from Lincraft) to make a rainbow scarf. So here goes:
1 black dress
1 voile jacket
1 corset
1 skirt
1 knickers
1 top
3 pieces material
1 pjs
1 swim top
1 wooden doll
3 wedges
2 rolls lace
2 small hats
6 cross stitch kits
2 knitted dolls clothes
2 stamping mags
1 vintage picture book
7 balls yarn - rainbow colours

OUTs - 59 - that is good.

I hope this goes better, or I will be raiding the storage cage downstairs to get some more outs!!!

3 tops Vinnies
10 hair bits & pieces Vinnies
2 foam alphabet floor mat sets Vinnies
11 12x12 paper storage bags Vinnies
2 skirts Vinnies
1 top Vinnies
18 Green bags - surplus to requirements Vinnies
2 Jackets - too big Vinnies
1 Dressing gown - too big Vinnies
1 crochet poncho - last season, big girl's image Vinnies
2 sofa covers - not used Vinnies
1 doona cover - not used Vinnies
1 electric blanket - refuse to use Vinnies
1 crochet doiley - surplus to requirements Vinnies
1 pair PJs - far far too big Rubbish
1 doona - ripped and useless Recycling place
1 Cutlery Drawer divider - surplus Vinnies


1 wash cloth
3 Premmie caps

The rainbow scarf is still awaiting the last of its fringe. Will finish it later today.


IN - 269
OUT - 660
TIAA - 111

I have nearly finished going through the unit decluttering cupboards. - Downstairs storage to go, kitchen cupboards could do with a 6-monthly clean out and Bob is working through his room this morning. That doesn't count in the OUTs because I refuse to count the INs he has... I am sure it would upset the balance.

Unfortunately, he found some things of 'mine' (read stash) on 'his' side of the cupboard - but there was space there, and my side was super full!!! They are on the floor now, I guess I had better go and see what needs to be rescued... May even have a second list this week yet!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Seven Things Summer - Week 10

Until Friday - life was good for my collection/decluttering. Then I went and paid TSS a visit - always a dangerous thing to do on a Friday when she gave me...

IN: 34
30 tiny weeny pieces of material
3 broken dolls house toys
1 dolls clothes book

Then my darls bought home from Dola Auctions where he works now!

4 Boxes of 120 gsm card - approx 5,000 sheets (anyone want some nice white card?)

So this morning, I had to do something about outs didn't I - and I knew the bathroom cupboard sure needed sorting through. It was the one Rosie (daughter) used when she lived here. Stop it, she only left 6 months ago, and I have never gone through the cupboard to see what was left behind. Well I have now and I have a heap of outs:

OUT: 58

3 pieces of material
4 cards
1 lap sized patchwork quilt
To Vinnies:

3 pieces of material
2 cards
1 lap rug - patchwork
2 cards
1 pet comb
2 bath scrunchies
6 light bulbs
1 defluffer
1 shaving foam
1 moisturiser
1 sorbelene cream
1 hotel soap
1 body mist
1 bath gel
1 shampoo
1 conditioner
4 nail polish
1 hand lotion
1 moisturiser for men
1 paper carry bag
1 charity bracelet
1 little glass bottle
5 Christmas decorations


1 dead hottie
8 bottles old vitamins & medications
1 bunch old rags
1 old razor set
7 shampoo bottles


1 lap sized patchwork quilt
1 patchwork bath mat
1 beanie
1 dolls house size cushion for 70s bed sit

IN - 232
OUT - 609
TIAA - 109

This had better finish soon - because I will have to resort to sorting through my craft cupboards before too long to get any outs... and that would be terrible. I guess there is still the bookshelf, and there is the second shower that has a whole heap of boxes and things stored there, and there is of course the downstairs storage. Ohhh there are heaps of things I can do before raiding the craft cupboards... Yippeee

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Disappearing 9-patch - complete

Here is the completed disappearing 9-patch quilt which I have quilted onto an old towel
and put in use as a shower mat.


Disappearing 9 Patch

I started playing with patchwork this week - inspired by Sew Mama Sew . (You will need to scroll down to see the disappearing 9-patch)

Beauty I thought - this will be an easy one, I can sew the colours in strips of three, cut them off, all the same size, and then stitch them together in a row

to make the original nine patch. All went well - exept the corners didn't match, I had to pull them out, each seam, and resew the 9-patch to make the corners match. Notice, I had made the appropriate arrangement of colours - dark centre which would be split, purple corners and cream centre patches.

Then you split the 9-patch into 4 patches Not bad I think. Should be easy, because all I have to do is turn the squares around so that I have two dark small squares diagonal in the centre, and the other two diagonal in the opposite outside corners.

Two problems - It looked easy, only the centre corners had to match didn't they. BUT - at first, I didn't get the sizes of the centre squares identical, and the long strips - well they weren't the same width. Also - look at those two dark purple large patches on one side, and the two floral ones on the other side.
So it gets pulled out again. In future, before I cut the 4 squares out, I mark the finished size of the final patches. At least I know they will be nice and regular. I sewed them up again - and ended up with the arrangement above with the unequal intensity of the purple squares

So it got pulled out again... and rearranged so the darket purple squares are diagonally opposite...
Of course, I had to complete three patches before I discovered the colour problem didn't I?

OK - This time I should get it right to complete the rest of the 9 patches to make a little blanket, or something...

And what is more, Sew Mama Sew already has a new patch for me to experiment with...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Crazy Nine Patch Quilt

Sew Mama Sew has February as Quilting month. There were some basic nine patch samples this week, and this Crazy Patch got me interested.

I couldn't help making to make one like this for my son.
Fabrics were all sorts of fat quarters that I had in my stash given from a freecycler. Backing, borders and binding - some interesting suiting I collected from a fabric sale. Each square finished about 25cm square - total width approx 120cm.

You Have A Type B+ Personality

Here I go around - a pleasure to be around (if you believe this anyhow)

You Have A Type B+ Personality

You're a pro at going with the flow

You love to kick back and take in everything life has to offer

A total joy to be around, people crave your stability.

While you're totally laid back, you can have bouts of hyperactivity.

Get into a project you love, and you won't stop until it's done

You're passionate - just selective about your passions

Me?? Can't be - there are wrinkles there...

TSS took this photo of me in Cassidys... well it just looks like my glasses, and my hair cut, but it is NOT me with those wrinkles. Never...

My excuse is that is the worst of losing weight... too much skin for what fills it now.

Scrap Blanket

What do you do when you have a basket full of left over wool. (Actually the basket seems quite depleted from what it used to be!)

Turn them into a scrap blanket of course.

I have been having great fun making these squares which will be patched up into a scrap blanket. Every square is made from different wool/s, and in different knitting stitches. The only rule is that need to be the same height so they can be joined in long strips, and then stitched together to make a blanket. To make the most of the interesting squares, I am thinking of bordering each piece with some material.

The greatest fun is when I use up all of a little bit of wool - whether it only is enough for 2 rows of knitting, or to make half a square. I celebrate each one that is no longer there.

If you have some left over wools (from bluebell to double knit) you would love to donate to my blanket, don't be shy will you!

Seven Things Summer - Week 9

Well - until yesterday, I was worrying about the low number of outs I have had this week - and I was making up all sorts of excuses for my slackness to TSS - all the while we were visiting op shops - and buying more Ins...
The results of a good afternoon with a good friend

Well this morning, I got, and says to myself - "Self, it is time to sort through some junk in this bedroom. I am convinced that you have stuff in here you don't need".

Self was most compliant, and sat up and started on the drawers beside the bed - Good Self. What a productive morning for OUTs I have had - as you will see.

This week's report is
IN: 18

4 garments worth of wool
1 ball sock wool
2 knitting needles
1 knitting pattern
2 balls white cotton
1 x-stitch bookmark fabric
2 skeins cotton yarn
5 pieces of material
1 dolls house cupboard

When you remember that this included visiting op shops, and Cassidys - not bad all around I say

OUTS: 155

I am not going to bore you with the details of this - just a description

42 items to freecyclers - including handbags, old jewelery, wedding garter, hats, souvenir spoon, hand crafted cushion cover and pictures, and all sorts of goodies

38 items as a gift to a fellow bandit -including 25 card making kits, some cards, beading and other little treats for someone who is finding it hard at the moment

33 items to the garbage - including 20 defunct lymphodema bandages and padding, unmatched socks, knickers and bras no longer holding things together and so on. On top of this was a couple of bags of rubbish paperwork and such like from cleaning out drawers

42 further items to Vinnies - clothes that are just far too big on me, don't suit, haven't worn since they have been hanging int he cupboard, and such like.

Arhhh - now my bedroom seems so much more organised and lighter. I have a couple of other shelves to do, and then it is all done :)


I have been busy, but not a lot finished. Some things I have been making will come later on today.

I have made myself some clothes - of course now I have room in the cupboard for some new clothes, and I have a cupboard full of material to sew up. Now I have two new tops, and a new dress...
Also, I finished a time thief cap.

IN - 198
OUT - 551
TIAA - 105

All in all - it finished up a successful week, and feeling lighter in the house.
I am motivated now to go through a few more cupboards - BUT... I have to admit, that I am procrastinating from doing another project which HAS to be finished by Sunday - 15,000 readers of the community newsletter are awaiting my words!!!