Saturday, February 16, 2008

Seven Things Summer - Week 11

It has been another busy week. I have been creative with the knitting, and knitted a rainbow scarf, finished a wash cloth and three premmie baby caps - photos later. the socks are coming slowly, but this week I go to the Gold Coast for a conference, and the socks will be my companion there.

INs: 37 items
Oh dear - it is just as well I write my ins down when I get them - I was thinking this has been a good week, then I forgot last Sunday lunch with fellow Can Bandits, where I collected a pile of clothes. And I did buy some yarn (that is short for the fact that it was acrylic from Lincraft) to make a rainbow scarf. So here goes:
1 black dress
1 voile jacket
1 corset
1 skirt
1 knickers
1 top
3 pieces material
1 pjs
1 swim top
1 wooden doll
3 wedges
2 rolls lace
2 small hats
6 cross stitch kits
2 knitted dolls clothes
2 stamping mags
1 vintage picture book
7 balls yarn - rainbow colours

OUTs - 59 - that is good.

I hope this goes better, or I will be raiding the storage cage downstairs to get some more outs!!!

3 tops Vinnies
10 hair bits & pieces Vinnies
2 foam alphabet floor mat sets Vinnies
11 12x12 paper storage bags Vinnies
2 skirts Vinnies
1 top Vinnies
18 Green bags - surplus to requirements Vinnies
2 Jackets - too big Vinnies
1 Dressing gown - too big Vinnies
1 crochet poncho - last season, big girl's image Vinnies
2 sofa covers - not used Vinnies
1 doona cover - not used Vinnies
1 electric blanket - refuse to use Vinnies
1 crochet doiley - surplus to requirements Vinnies
1 pair PJs - far far too big Rubbish
1 doona - ripped and useless Recycling place
1 Cutlery Drawer divider - surplus Vinnies


1 wash cloth
3 Premmie caps

The rainbow scarf is still awaiting the last of its fringe. Will finish it later today.


IN - 269
OUT - 660
TIAA - 111

I have nearly finished going through the unit decluttering cupboards. - Downstairs storage to go, kitchen cupboards could do with a 6-monthly clean out and Bob is working through his room this morning. That doesn't count in the OUTs because I refuse to count the INs he has... I am sure it would upset the balance.

Unfortunately, he found some things of 'mine' (read stash) on 'his' side of the cupboard - but there was space there, and my side was super full!!! They are on the floor now, I guess I had better go and see what needs to be rescued... May even have a second list this week yet!

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Taphophile said...

You are doing just brilliantly.