Saturday, February 2, 2008

Scrap Blanket

What do you do when you have a basket full of left over wool. (Actually the basket seems quite depleted from what it used to be!)

Turn them into a scrap blanket of course.

I have been having great fun making these squares which will be patched up into a scrap blanket. Every square is made from different wool/s, and in different knitting stitches. The only rule is that need to be the same height so they can be joined in long strips, and then stitched together to make a blanket. To make the most of the interesting squares, I am thinking of bordering each piece with some material.

The greatest fun is when I use up all of a little bit of wool - whether it only is enough for 2 rows of knitting, or to make half a square. I celebrate each one that is no longer there.

If you have some left over wools (from bluebell to double knit) you would love to donate to my blanket, don't be shy will you!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Excellent work, recycling, very useful outcome.
Will hunt the wools for you.