Sunday, February 17, 2008

Raibow scarf & Log cabins

Here is the finally finished rainbow scarf. It is knitted in double moss stitch, and where the colours were joined, I decided to make into a fringe. I have never seen this before - but it looks like an interesting collar on.

These are log cabin patchwork squares from Sew Mama Sew patch for the week. I love the look of the shadow and light in the smaller one. They are little mat to put under a tea pot and a cup. I guess I will make some more square patches to make more coasters over the following weeks.


m1k1 said...

What a brilliant idea the fringing is, speaking as one who has just finished sewing in ends on something multicoloured of my own!
And I love the blues in the log cabin patches.
Well done

Chris Worthy said...

The blues are gorgeous. You are still teaching me about intensity and color choice -- without even knowing it. I also envy your talk of summer. We, of course, are still in the all gray, dreary world of winter!

Taphophile said...

Love your rainbow scarf - such a happy garment! :)