Sunday, February 10, 2008

Seven Things Summer - Week 10

Until Friday - life was good for my collection/decluttering. Then I went and paid TSS a visit - always a dangerous thing to do on a Friday when she gave me...

IN: 34
30 tiny weeny pieces of material
3 broken dolls house toys
1 dolls clothes book

Then my darls bought home from Dola Auctions where he works now!

4 Boxes of 120 gsm card - approx 5,000 sheets (anyone want some nice white card?)

So this morning, I had to do something about outs didn't I - and I knew the bathroom cupboard sure needed sorting through. It was the one Rosie (daughter) used when she lived here. Stop it, she only left 6 months ago, and I have never gone through the cupboard to see what was left behind. Well I have now and I have a heap of outs:

OUT: 58

3 pieces of material
4 cards
1 lap sized patchwork quilt
To Vinnies:

3 pieces of material
2 cards
1 lap rug - patchwork
2 cards
1 pet comb
2 bath scrunchies
6 light bulbs
1 defluffer
1 shaving foam
1 moisturiser
1 sorbelene cream
1 hotel soap
1 body mist
1 bath gel
1 shampoo
1 conditioner
4 nail polish
1 hand lotion
1 moisturiser for men
1 paper carry bag
1 charity bracelet
1 little glass bottle
5 Christmas decorations


1 dead hottie
8 bottles old vitamins & medications
1 bunch old rags
1 old razor set
7 shampoo bottles


1 lap sized patchwork quilt
1 patchwork bath mat
1 beanie
1 dolls house size cushion for 70s bed sit

IN - 232
OUT - 609
TIAA - 109

This had better finish soon - because I will have to resort to sorting through my craft cupboards before too long to get any outs... and that would be terrible. I guess there is still the bookshelf, and there is the second shower that has a whole heap of boxes and things stored there, and there is of course the downstairs storage. Ohhh there are heaps of things I can do before raiding the craft cupboards... Yippeee


Taphophile said...

Well done - you made it despite everyone's "help", and you have cleaned out bathroom as a bonus. :)

mountain-quiltist said...

Janet, thanks for stopping by my I'm returning the favor and enjoyed the whole In/Out concept of keeping score and reducing clutter. I'm so obsessive/compulsive I'd have it flow-charted and tallied from here to Christmas and back...I'd better just stick to my fabric addictions.