Saturday, February 16, 2008

It followed me home - can I keep it!!

First of all - here are the three premmie hats I made - and the latest wash cloth made from the cotton yarn I picked up at Salvos with TSS

I was such a good girl - I took the Shopping trolley FULL of things to Vinnies - and these all lept into my hands, and pleaded to be taken home. I am resistant to most dolls calling out to be loved these days - but these two just snuck in under the radar. Just love the orange knitted jacket - it cries out for a little dress under it, and matching booties.

Look at that wool - 10 balls of 50g Sirdar Pullman for a man's scarf and what else for $7.50 and 5 balls of Patons Caressa for$4.! The material would make a nice T-shirt for Liz.

Which reminds me - I promised two young lads a new T-shirt from my material stash - and they are coming to visit some time soon - so I really ought to get it out and make up shouldn't I?

So that makes totals for this week (including an extra shoe rack and laundry hamper taken to Vinnies)

Ins 287
Outs 662
TIAA still 111


Taphophile said...

Sometimes they do just follow you home. As long as you take them for walks yourself, feed them and clear up their mess you may keep them. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet,
Came across your post about Sirdar Pullman yarn, would you be kind enough to tell me what is written on the ball band ?? I have a pattern for a lovely woolie and the yarn is a mystery to me.