Monday, January 28, 2008

I have given in ... and gone to Cassidys

I have succumbed to the pull to Cassidy's. First of all I was making this time thief beanie - using acrylic from Big W. I love the colours, and appreciate the ease of caring for acrylic over wool...

But I told you earlier, I could feel the pull of knitting socks coming up on me. It was irresistible. So I just had to check if Cassidy's was open today - and yes the Jamison store was open. I rang TSS to help - but she was no help at all - she was going out herself to some movie or something ... just not there when a fellow addict feels the call of wool. Enabler, that is what she is.

So I succumbed, and went shopping, and came out $70 lighter with all of this. There is enough wool there for 4 jumpers for the Grandies, and a sock for my Darls. Of course, I needed a pattern, some DPNs and a small circular needle to enable me further didn't I?
OK I promise I will finish the time thief cap first before casting on the socks. I promise, I promise... I have a blanket on the go also using up scraps of wool - but that can wait to be continued.

5.00 pm Update: Beanie finished - I can cast on the socks now

5.45 pm Socks cast on ... not yet impressed. Had better give it more than three rows to be happy with it. I am having to use the dpns to do the sock - yuk. At $17 a ball, it had better work!!!

I am a rare creature - so who didn't know that!!

You are that rare creature- the one who both knits and crochets with equal skill and ease. We need more of your kind.

You probably have a medium-to-large stash, filled with a grand variety of fibers. Go shop the stash instead of the store.

Take the quiz Are you a Knitter.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Help - my Canberra knitting friends

I have given in to the sock knitting craze. I was washing my darls socks on Friday - and realised he liked thick, wool socks - a perfect description of hand knitted socks. So I must make him some. I have downloaded some patterns to follow - now I need to know what kind of wool / wool mix is sock making wool, and where from do I glean some.

So I am counting on you to lead me into paths everlasting (I am watching the program The Battle For Britain's Soul hence the ecclesiastical language ).


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Seven Things Summer - Week 8

Oh Dear. This is not the sort of week I want to confess to.

IN - 35
24 pieces of material
1 bag fabric scraps
1 knitting rugs book
1 background stamp
1 set 12 month flower stamps
1 bag yarn pieces -TSS
1 miniature dolls furniture
3 sticker sheets
2 packets Chrissy cards - sale

OUT - 1
1 suitcase - freecycle

Turn it all about - 2
2 face cloths

IN - 180
OUT - 396
TIAA - 101

That sure sounds like I have had a lazy week doesn't it. I certainly haven't been deliberate in moving things out of the house. I have been knitting - I have made several knitted squares in a variety of stitches using left over wool in stripes. It will eventually be patched into a rug for my daughter. That means of course that I am getting through the left overs section of my wool collection. I enjoy it when each little ball of wool gets finished.

AND... I did clean up my fabric stash - now I look at it and think of all the things I could make

I had yesterday off at home, and had our carpets cleaned. This meant moving all the babies out of the lounge room so he could actually clean the floors. So they got a little cuddle, and a couple are sitting naked on my desk awaiting some new clothes.

Arhhh Taph - I love my collection of dolls, they bring me so much pleasure. the babies get a little cuddle every now and then, and the big girls join in a conversation. No, I am not going crazy - well I don't think so anyhow. They don't really talk back - well most of the time. Sometimes they do though.

I nursed (you know - cuddled) a brand new baby last Sunday in church. What a pleasure - and she was the size of my babies, but so much more cuddly, and soft and warm...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

What do you do with a drunken stash???

A drunken stash you say! I am sure I am not the only one with a drunken stash.

You know the characteristics - when everyone else in the room can clearly that the stash has had enough, it says - just one more, one more can't hurt. But you know that it will never stop at one more.

Then when you have something you want it to do, it cannot be found. If you insist that it gives up what you want - it disgorges its contents all over the floor. But will it clean up its own mess? Never. It is still there 3 days later waiting for you to clean it all up again.

OK - tell me I am not the only one with a drunken stash.

So what do you do - the stash was in a total mess yesterday, and it had spewed its contents all over the floor. Pity the floor was Bob's office too. He was none to happy.

So what did I do - remember what my Mama did with her stash - though it was never a drunken stash - she would roll up the material to store it. Hey that is a good idea. It compresses the material into a smaller area, and if you stacked them right, you could see everything on the pile. Also. going through the pile would mean that it would not get into a complete mess.

So here is my sober stash. Lets see how long that lasts. As you can see, there really is NO more room for more...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Seven Things Summer - Week 7

Well this has been a better week for INs - so far. And given that I am back at work, the crafting hasn't been totally neglected either.

So here goes:

IN - 14
10 Paper craft magazines (gifted)
1 rubber stamp (gifted - came with a magazine)
1 packet of embellishments (gifted - came with a magazine)
packet of 6x6 papers (gifted - came with a magazine)
1 huge box that came around a machine we got at work - figured it would make a wonderful cubby house for two little boys

OUT - 33
10 shirts
11 skirts
9 jumpers and jackets
3 vests

I did a clean out of my wardrobe of clothes I was not wearing. Truth is I have been wanting to make myself some new clothes, and there was not room in the wardrobe for anything new - so a clean out was necessary

2 Time Thief beanies
1 dolls outfit (see below)

Note - no clothes for me as yet... Will have to do something about that won't I!

  • IN - 147
  • OUT - 395
  • TIAA - 99

It is a lovely WET Saturday in Canberra today. It has rained since about 4.00pm yesterday, and the ground is just soaking it all up. The temperature is about 20 C, and so it is a perfect day to stay indoors and knit... So that is what I am going to do. Bliss...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hilda - reloving my dolls

Meet Hilda. She is all dressed up to go out in her new satin outfit - which comes with a petticoat and bloomers. Isn't she wonderful.

P.S. I have decided that the bonnet is just too small for her - so it has been donated to another doll, and I will make a larger, more generous one today.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Time Thief Beanies

Well I have been busy with the knitting needles - all from Taph's Time Thief Cap pattern. This one is for me...
This one for Bob ...
These two are my first attempt at using circular needles - not too bad really.

And this one for Liz (the two most beautiful boys in the world's Mum)
I am pleased with my output this week so far. There is a delightful cool breeze coming through the house tonight - very nice after a hot day.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Seven Things Summer - Week 6

This has been a reverse week for me - so much "stuff" came into my house, and not too much went out. Well, I guess it will all balance up in the end. So here goes my confessions:

  • First of all there were two wonderful surprises in the post for me. M1K1 sent me the most exquisite miniature knitting for my Granny - a little shawl, a wicker bassinet and knitted little blanket. They are made from such incredibly fine thread, a sight to behold. (3 tiems)

  • Cass sent me another little parcel with the most wonderful tapestry style cushion cover (to be made up) - just look how it matches our sofa.
  • ... and two parcels - one with a maroon satin pillowcase kit (Exactly the right colour for my bedroom - I have some jaquard maroon pillowcases already - and I have about 6 pillows on the bed), and a huge bundle of ribbons and satin bias strips (2 items - well that is all I am counting anyhow)

  • Then there are my freecycle gains - two boxes of goodies - fabric left overs, enough special yarns for about 3 big projects, and some other wool/cotton yarn. (probably 25 items)

  • Knitting needles - much appreciated, including some tortoise shell ones.

  • Then today - I went shopping in Covic - spent a gift voucher for Christmas and got the tin of DERWENT water colour pencils - a luxury I have been wanting for many years, as well as some stamps, ink pads, little dolly ornaments and some buttons for cards

  • 2 packages of knitting yarn - frugalled
  • 2 pieces material
  • 2 Zapf dolls
  • 1 very large Dulux dog (Bob)
So the total of INS this week: 49

OUTS: (Total 5)
  • 2 T shirts - grandies
  • 1 card and wash cloth - in return for knitting needles
  • 2 Cards - grandies


  • 2 Tshirts - grandies
  • 2 wash cloth
  • 1 mini blanket
  • 1 baby doll booties
  • 1 Time Thief Beanie
That is very definitely a reverse from the last couple of weeks - and I guess there is balance in the world somewhere...

  • IN - 133
  • OUT - 362
  • TIAA - 96

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Re-loving dolls

The clean up of my dolls brought to light that I have many babies just crying out to be loved, and clothed. So I have been working hard to meet their basic needs, and be a good mother.

These two dolls have had little jackets made for them. It is an interesting pattern where you create the jacket all in one piece, and join it up along the shoulder/top arm seam. It involves a lot of increasing and decreasing, and looks really weird until you cast off, and pull it into shape - and hey presto, it fits. OK, OK. I know the little one is a little rudey - she has the fabric and lace for a little skirt all placed beside my sewing machine. Just need to get and do it hey!

This little one has a nautical theme - sort of. He could do with a sailor cap couldn't he ... and white shoes I suppose.

These two were created from the same pattern. The dress starts from the neckline, and increases in a raglan style pattern. Then increases at the waist creates little holes for the ribbon. A nice little easy pattern to make.

Sure, she is not quite as cute as the others - but I love all my babies equally, even when they are a little 'different'.

This time, I created a lace pattern in the skirt.

Now you can see why I need to make the "Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe" dolls house to put all of these babies in. A lot of the Cupie dolls are out of scale though, and I am getting quite a little collection of them - they will need a display of their own soon.

Pictures - Gothic House - incomplete

This is a kit house I got from the Reject Shop - and like the others, not yet complete.

But this week, the fun has been making the furniture from printies I found on the Internet. It is in 1:24 scale, and so not as easy to get dolls and so on at the right scale. But it is coming together slowly. There is another floor to be done yet - really must get that out again.

Pictures - Craft Shop - incomplete

This is the miniature craft shop I am making - again for the Show in March.

The top floor is a Christmas Shop - and in the customers from the Post Christmas sales have left it in a real mess. It needs lots more attention.

The second floor has two rooms - the right hand side is a paper shop with wrapping paper, cards and lots of scrap book supplies, as well as paints.
the left hand side is the threads and beads shop. As you can see, the stock is still being set up.

The bottom floor is the fabric and patchwork shop. Some completed quilts are available for sale. I wish I could find the miniature sewing machine (an old singer model) that a friend gave me 12 years ago when I had a dressmaking shop. But it seems to have disappeared somewhere.
The shiny cover in front of the material bolts is a piece of sticky tape to help hold them in place. Without that, earthquakes were far too often, and the fabric spilled all over the floor.

Still to do:
Lots more to the Christmas shop - there are quite a few things available, and I need to decorate the tree - beads I think for baubles.

More things in the paper shop - some scrap booking albums, and display the stickers I have and all sorts of little things

More threads and beads, and patterns, and books, and ... well I am sure you can imagine what else. Maybe some knitting and embroidery to display.

Some patch working books, sewing notions, some patchwork in progress on the table, and sewing machines etc.

Pictures - Old woman who lived in a shoe house (incomplete)

Here are some pictures of my dolls houses - works in progress.

The theme of this one was "The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe" - the house is to be based on old Queenslander style houses from my childhood. Now no Queenslander was a 3 storey house - that is my artistic license. But is has weather board outside, painted walls, tongue and groove interior walls, corrugated iron roof, perched up on posts, and will have verandahs on the first and second floors.

But the motivation for the house was my ever expanding collection of re-loved miniature babies and child dolls which needed to be displayed.

Top floor is Adult's Retreat and the nursery. That is Granny on the rocking chair - and she eventually will have some knitting to do - you can never have enough knitted goodies when you have more than 20 children!

The second floor is the bedroom - with a distinct lack of beds at this stage. I need to make some bunks to include, and probably a hammock or two. At the moment it is the play room. the section where the kids are playing on the mat will be the verandah.

And finally the kitchen/dining room. With 22 kids, they had to eat in rotation I am sure. It must be family allowance day because there seems to be plenty of food available at the moment.

Still to do - making the essential "posts" under the house - thus creating a new area for play. Curtains, windows, food and kitchen equipment, more beds, carpet in the Adult's Retreat/nursery and lots of little things... - oh as well as a "greenhouse" under the front verandah, thus creating the toe of the shoe.

Just when I thought I was nearly done - there is a LOT more to do!

Card Challenge - 4x4 Textured Papaer

Another Card Challenge - I picked up from 4x4 Friday
It is to be made using textured paper.
All paper was found in my stash. Card made from pastel A4 card. Charcoal and yellow matting - shimmer card. The gold textured paper is wrapping paper, and the corrugated card came from a Dollar Shop. The patterned paper used for the medallion and corners was a print out of a patchwork design I had collected when planning my Christmas presents.

I love making cards from bits and pieces I find in my stash.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Seven things Summer - Week 5

My goodness - is it week 5 reporting already! That means more than one month of summer has gone.

This week - I was very good with the ins - in fact there was nothing until yesterday morning when the Darls wanted to go for a drive so we went to the Jamison and Belconnen Op shops... and came back with

INS - 4:
  • 2 lots of knitting cotton
  • 2 pieces of material - total $7.50
Now the outs were a much better story

OUTS - 84:
  • 5 dolls chairs Freecycle
  • 1 doll cradle Freecycle
  • 15 barbie doll clothes Freecycle
  • 15 barbie (type) dolls Freecycle
  • 1 bag barbie accessories Freecycle
  • 9 stuffed toys Freecycle
  • 1 bratz doll Freecycle
  • 2 toy phones Freecycle<
  • 5 toys Freecycle
  • 2 girls purses Freecycle
  • 1 Spice Girl keyring Freecycle
  • 3 hair combs Freecycle
  • 1 knitted bag Freecycle
  • 1 rose ribbon Freecycle
  • 1 bag handmade Chrissy decs bin
  • 1 bag small plastic dolls clothes bin
  • 5 dolls clothes beyond repair bin
  • 1 Stuffed toy - repurposed the stuffing bin /stash
  • 11 printer cartridges recycled
  • 3 baby clothes freecycle
Also another 32 items of clothing I have cleaned out from my wardrobe. But they haven't left the house yet, so that is for next week.

It has been a productive week too - great fun crafting on my week off from work. Better still, I have really got into 4 dolls house projects and progressed on getting them ready for the Show in March 2008.

  • 6 cards
  • 4 wash cloths
  • 2 mini doll jackets
  • 1 mini doll cape,
  • 1 mini doll hat
  • 2 mini doll skirts
  • 3 mini doll dresses
  • Miniature Craft Shop - organised threads and cards and quilts
  • Old woman in the shoe doll house - completed weather boards and painted, completed the attic walls etc, and started on window frames
  • Gothic House - furniture
  • 70s bedsit - wallpaper, and bathroom
  • IN - 84
  • OUT - 357
  • TIAA - 89

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fairy Card - CPS Sketch #45

I found this challenge at Prairie Paper and Ink. I am sure one of my purple loving friends will enjoy this one.

I am sorry I cannot name the source for my things. The teabag folding medallion came from some tiles I printed out - with a little bit of bling in the centre. I got the fairy stamp from a closing down sale, and the rest of the paper just came from my stash - scrap booking left overs, shimmer card and so on.

Card Challenge

I am enjoying this idea of card challenges. This one comes from Card Positioning Systems
It is made it from a clip art image - the easter egg is layered into a 3D design, with some puffy paint embellishing. The braid is a vintage multi-coloured ricrac, and the the background papers were made on Paint Shop Pro.

Easter is early this year, and if the shops already have Hot Cross Buns, then I guess it is time to make some Easter cards.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Card Challanges

I have been noticing a number of Card Challenges available through blogs - and I decided to join in.

This one is from here

This one uses two copies of a stamp and embossing in reverse.