Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pictures - Old woman who lived in a shoe house (incomplete)

Here are some pictures of my dolls houses - works in progress.

The theme of this one was "The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe" - the house is to be based on old Queenslander style houses from my childhood. Now no Queenslander was a 3 storey house - that is my artistic license. But is has weather board outside, painted walls, tongue and groove interior walls, corrugated iron roof, perched up on posts, and will have verandahs on the first and second floors.

But the motivation for the house was my ever expanding collection of re-loved miniature babies and child dolls which needed to be displayed.

Top floor is Adult's Retreat and the nursery. That is Granny on the rocking chair - and she eventually will have some knitting to do - you can never have enough knitted goodies when you have more than 20 children!

The second floor is the bedroom - with a distinct lack of beds at this stage. I need to make some bunks to include, and probably a hammock or two. At the moment it is the play room. the section where the kids are playing on the mat will be the verandah.

And finally the kitchen/dining room. With 22 kids, they had to eat in rotation I am sure. It must be family allowance day because there seems to be plenty of food available at the moment.

Still to do - making the essential "posts" under the house - thus creating a new area for play. Curtains, windows, food and kitchen equipment, more beds, carpet in the Adult's Retreat/nursery and lots of little things... - oh as well as a "greenhouse" under the front verandah, thus creating the toe of the shoe.

Just when I thought I was nearly done - there is a LOT more to do!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Janet, How I have enjoyed your blog and to see your crafts and dolls. I love dolls, doll houses and to look at all lovely crafts so we have quite a lot in common. I have collected quite a few dolls ( but no where near as many as you ) and doll houses myself and wish to furnish the houses slowly as a hobby.. Hope you see this message as I would like to be internet friends... Cheers Nina