Saturday, January 12, 2008

Seven Things Summer - Week 6

This has been a reverse week for me - so much "stuff" came into my house, and not too much went out. Well, I guess it will all balance up in the end. So here goes my confessions:

  • First of all there were two wonderful surprises in the post for me. M1K1 sent me the most exquisite miniature knitting for my Granny - a little shawl, a wicker bassinet and knitted little blanket. They are made from such incredibly fine thread, a sight to behold. (3 tiems)

  • Cass sent me another little parcel with the most wonderful tapestry style cushion cover (to be made up) - just look how it matches our sofa.
  • ... and two parcels - one with a maroon satin pillowcase kit (Exactly the right colour for my bedroom - I have some jaquard maroon pillowcases already - and I have about 6 pillows on the bed), and a huge bundle of ribbons and satin bias strips (2 items - well that is all I am counting anyhow)

  • Then there are my freecycle gains - two boxes of goodies - fabric left overs, enough special yarns for about 3 big projects, and some other wool/cotton yarn. (probably 25 items)

  • Knitting needles - much appreciated, including some tortoise shell ones.

  • Then today - I went shopping in Covic - spent a gift voucher for Christmas and got the tin of DERWENT water colour pencils - a luxury I have been wanting for many years, as well as some stamps, ink pads, little dolly ornaments and some buttons for cards

  • 2 packages of knitting yarn - frugalled
  • 2 pieces material
  • 2 Zapf dolls
  • 1 very large Dulux dog (Bob)
So the total of INS this week: 49

OUTS: (Total 5)
  • 2 T shirts - grandies
  • 1 card and wash cloth - in return for knitting needles
  • 2 Cards - grandies


  • 2 Tshirts - grandies
  • 2 wash cloth
  • 1 mini blanket
  • 1 baby doll booties
  • 1 Time Thief Beanie
That is very definitely a reverse from the last couple of weeks - and I guess there is balance in the world somewhere...

  • IN - 133
  • OUT - 362
  • TIAA - 96


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Well at least you're ahead overall, hey?

Taphophile said...

You're still ahead of the game and who can say no to knitting needles and yarn?

Keep up the good work. :)

Lythan said...

Dear Janet,
thanks so much for the comment on my blog, you expressed it all far more eloquently than I could. Maybe you would like to try out the Salt challenges? The new one will be up next Thursday night

Casp said...

ooops - sorry to add to the totals.

And if you can't use any of the stuff feel free to pass it on.

But at least it may get used at your house. My sewing machine is buried so deep in the junk room it may never see the light of day.

lovestitches said...

You're still doing well overall! The best thing about this whole thing is how it makes you think about your old habits.