Monday, January 28, 2008

I have given in ... and gone to Cassidys

I have succumbed to the pull to Cassidy's. First of all I was making this time thief beanie - using acrylic from Big W. I love the colours, and appreciate the ease of caring for acrylic over wool...

But I told you earlier, I could feel the pull of knitting socks coming up on me. It was irresistible. So I just had to check if Cassidy's was open today - and yes the Jamison store was open. I rang TSS to help - but she was no help at all - she was going out herself to some movie or something ... just not there when a fellow addict feels the call of wool. Enabler, that is what she is.

So I succumbed, and went shopping, and came out $70 lighter with all of this. There is enough wool there for 4 jumpers for the Grandies, and a sock for my Darls. Of course, I needed a pattern, some DPNs and a small circular needle to enable me further didn't I?
OK I promise I will finish the time thief cap first before casting on the socks. I promise, I promise... I have a blanket on the go also using up scraps of wool - but that can wait to be continued.

5.00 pm Update: Beanie finished - I can cast on the socks now

5.45 pm Socks cast on ... not yet impressed. Had better give it more than three rows to be happy with it. I am having to use the dpns to do the sock - yuk. At $17 a ball, it had better work!!!


lovestitches said...

See? I told you there was room in that cupboard for more!! There's nothing like real wool on your skin.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I think there's a typo there. You didn't really mean $17 a ball did you?

Janet McKinney said...

The sork yarn - enough for two socks plus I am told, was $17.00 - the rest were $2 a ball. Don't go telling me that is outrageous for 75% wool, 25% nylon sock yarn - please... or rather, tell me what I can get that is cheaper.

But then again, $17 is not too bad for a pair of handknitted socks... or is it. It is for my darls, and it is starting to look good. He seems pleased.

Chris Worthy said...


Thank you for the fabric advice. You hit the nail on the head -- it is definitely the intensity that I am going for and I didn't even know it!! I have pulled out more fabric to try and I will post those later today, the clock permitting. Thank you!


MiniBella said...

I love the colours in that hat, Janet!