Sunday, January 27, 2008

Help - my Canberra knitting friends

I have given in to the sock knitting craze. I was washing my darls socks on Friday - and realised he liked thick, wool socks - a perfect description of hand knitted socks. So I must make him some. I have downloaded some patterns to follow - now I need to know what kind of wool / wool mix is sock making wool, and where from do I glean some.

So I am counting on you to lead me into paths everlasting (I am watching the program The Battle For Britain's Soul hence the ecclesiastical language ).


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Taphophile said...

Wool/nylon blend (about 80/20) is the most common - the nylon adds to the longevity of heels, toes and soles. Most common weight is 4ply, but you can make them out of any weight of wool.

If you have baby wool which is lovely and soft but won't wear so well, when you get to the heel, sole and toe, carry a toning thread of fuzzy overlocking nylon and it reinforces those areas. The fuzzy stuff is stretchier than normal sewing thread (which you can also use) and grabs the yarn better.