Saturday, January 5, 2008

Re-loving dolls

The clean up of my dolls brought to light that I have many babies just crying out to be loved, and clothed. So I have been working hard to meet their basic needs, and be a good mother.

These two dolls have had little jackets made for them. It is an interesting pattern where you create the jacket all in one piece, and join it up along the shoulder/top arm seam. It involves a lot of increasing and decreasing, and looks really weird until you cast off, and pull it into shape - and hey presto, it fits. OK, OK. I know the little one is a little rudey - she has the fabric and lace for a little skirt all placed beside my sewing machine. Just need to get and do it hey!

This little one has a nautical theme - sort of. He could do with a sailor cap couldn't he ... and white shoes I suppose.

These two were created from the same pattern. The dress starts from the neckline, and increases in a raglan style pattern. Then increases at the waist creates little holes for the ribbon. A nice little easy pattern to make.

Sure, she is not quite as cute as the others - but I love all my babies equally, even when they are a little 'different'.

This time, I created a lace pattern in the skirt.

Now you can see why I need to make the "Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe" dolls house to put all of these babies in. A lot of the Cupie dolls are out of scale though, and I am getting quite a little collection of them - they will need a display of their own soon.


Taphophile said...

The babies look very happy to be clean and clothed.

lovestitches said...

That is some seriously cool knitting! I remember those dolls from my childhood, they rock!