Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pictures - Craft Shop - incomplete

This is the miniature craft shop I am making - again for the Show in March.

The top floor is a Christmas Shop - and in the customers from the Post Christmas sales have left it in a real mess. It needs lots more attention.

The second floor has two rooms - the right hand side is a paper shop with wrapping paper, cards and lots of scrap book supplies, as well as paints.
the left hand side is the threads and beads shop. As you can see, the stock is still being set up.

The bottom floor is the fabric and patchwork shop. Some completed quilts are available for sale. I wish I could find the miniature sewing machine (an old singer model) that a friend gave me 12 years ago when I had a dressmaking shop. But it seems to have disappeared somewhere.
The shiny cover in front of the material bolts is a piece of sticky tape to help hold them in place. Without that, earthquakes were far too often, and the fabric spilled all over the floor.

Still to do:
Lots more to the Christmas shop - there are quite a few things available, and I need to decorate the tree - beads I think for baubles.

More things in the paper shop - some scrap booking albums, and display the stickers I have and all sorts of little things

More threads and beads, and patterns, and books, and ... well I am sure you can imagine what else. Maybe some knitting and embroidery to display.

Some patch working books, sewing notions, some patchwork in progress on the table, and sewing machines etc.


lovestitches said...

no words can say how cool this is!! Little embroidery threads, such attention to detail!

MiniBella said...

It's looking good Janet...