Saturday, January 19, 2008

Seven Things Summer - Week 7

Well this has been a better week for INs - so far. And given that I am back at work, the crafting hasn't been totally neglected either.

So here goes:

IN - 14
10 Paper craft magazines (gifted)
1 rubber stamp (gifted - came with a magazine)
1 packet of embellishments (gifted - came with a magazine)
packet of 6x6 papers (gifted - came with a magazine)
1 huge box that came around a machine we got at work - figured it would make a wonderful cubby house for two little boys

OUT - 33
10 shirts
11 skirts
9 jumpers and jackets
3 vests

I did a clean out of my wardrobe of clothes I was not wearing. Truth is I have been wanting to make myself some new clothes, and there was not room in the wardrobe for anything new - so a clean out was necessary

2 Time Thief beanies
1 dolls outfit (see below)

Note - no clothes for me as yet... Will have to do something about that won't I!

  • IN - 147
  • OUT - 395
  • TIAA - 99

It is a lovely WET Saturday in Canberra today. It has rained since about 4.00pm yesterday, and the ground is just soaking it all up. The temperature is about 20 C, and so it is a perfect day to stay indoors and knit... So that is what I am going to do. Bliss...


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Hi Janet, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment. I have loved seeing all your dolls. My grandmother used to dress dolls for charity so she always had them sat in every available space!