Saturday, January 26, 2008

Seven Things Summer - Week 8

Oh Dear. This is not the sort of week I want to confess to.

IN - 35
24 pieces of material
1 bag fabric scraps
1 knitting rugs book
1 background stamp
1 set 12 month flower stamps
1 bag yarn pieces -TSS
1 miniature dolls furniture
3 sticker sheets
2 packets Chrissy cards - sale

OUT - 1
1 suitcase - freecycle

Turn it all about - 2
2 face cloths

IN - 180
OUT - 396
TIAA - 101

That sure sounds like I have had a lazy week doesn't it. I certainly haven't been deliberate in moving things out of the house. I have been knitting - I have made several knitted squares in a variety of stitches using left over wool in stripes. It will eventually be patched into a rug for my daughter. That means of course that I am getting through the left overs section of my wool collection. I enjoy it when each little ball of wool gets finished.

AND... I did clean up my fabric stash - now I look at it and think of all the things I could make

I had yesterday off at home, and had our carpets cleaned. This meant moving all the babies out of the lounge room so he could actually clean the floors. So they got a little cuddle, and a couple are sitting naked on my desk awaiting some new clothes.

Arhhh Taph - I love my collection of dolls, they bring me so much pleasure. the babies get a little cuddle every now and then, and the big girls join in a conversation. No, I am not going crazy - well I don't think so anyhow. They don't really talk back - well most of the time. Sometimes they do though.

I nursed (you know - cuddled) a brand new baby last Sunday in church. What a pleasure - and she was the size of my babies, but so much more cuddly, and soft and warm...


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Oh well these things happen and you are still ahead overall...

m1k1 said...

Just noticed your comment on TSS blog. Glad you got the all-clear from the hospital. Take care

lovestitches said...

Oh no, not good but we all have these weeks. I think we need the occasional splurge to keep us on track overall.