Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Baskets

Here are eight Christmas Baskets I have decorated to go on the tables at the Christmas Feast. They will be used in the centre of the tables and filled with nibblies and goodies to eat.
Have I told you about the Christmas Feast. The church I go to is having a Christmas Feast for people who don't have family to share Christmas with this year. We have contacts through the Foodbank, disability groups, old people's homes, and mothers with preschoolers etc.
This is my ideal Christmas - sharing your goodies with others who cannot necessarily return it. We have a lot of people from the church, and from other contacts who are coming to volunteer to make and serve the dinner.
These baskets I received from Caryn when they left Canberra - and they are being put to good use. The materials and decorations I received through freecycle from someone who used to do scouts group crafts.


Taphophile said...

They are lovely,Janet - a triumph of your talent and a community's generosity. :)

m1k1 said...

I wish you and your Feast guests the most wonderful day.

MiniBella said...

The baskets look wonderful - hope the feast was a great success.