Sunday, December 2, 2007

What's in the box

OK - in the spirit of the giving season, and to bribe you into leaving comments- I have a mystery parcel for someone who leaves a comment on my blog this month. In the parcel there will be something - or maybe more than one thing - made by my own fair hand...

What could it be I wonder?

It could be one of my re-loved dolls cleaned up and with a new outfit (where available, the original outfit will be included). It could be a stash of my beautiful home-made cards, or even one of my famous Christmas Hot Mats. it could be Christmas Decorations, or an ornament or jewelry made from beads. It may be some miniatures for your dolls house. It could even come from my not inconsiderable stash. I will decide what to give when the name is chosen. You may even have a choice - Shopping Sherpa - you will miss out on the Christmas Decorations...

Well actually - I will give away five boxes before Christmas.

Your name will go into a box for as many of the following reasons as you like...
  1. Just for leaving a comment on any of my posts this month (until I decide to make the draw)
  2. If you tell me you have made a blog posting about my site
  3. If you tell me you have placed me on your blog roll
  4. If someone else leaves a comment, saying they followed a link from your blog
  5. Or if you can convince me that we have met, talked, or emailed before...
So - there will be five boxes in which your name can go - and as many times as is appropriate. You can cheat by doubling up on your comments - well not replicas, but more than one post, and bribery is definitely an advantage.

No 5 is especially for those of you who say they look at my blog, but never comment. Get off your ... whatever it is you sit on ... and leave a comment.

I promise to return blogroll anyone who blogrolls me - well if I am OK with your site of course. No porn, corruption or real bad taste blogs included. Craft, miniatures or blogs that make me laugh are guaranteed inclusion.


m1k1 said...

First in, best dressed, as my dad used to say.
Honestly I do look for your blogs every day.
And like The Shopping Sherpa, I go into hiding until CH@@@@@@@ is well and truly over.
I would join in the neighbourhood decoration frenzy if I could find lights that spelt out "Bah humbug".
Yours grumpily,

Taphophile said...

Hey! I qualify for 4 out of the 5 boxes. And I have yarn for you - just as soon as I can get out your way again.

I don't decorate for Christmas, either. I handed the tree decorating responsibility to the twins as soon as they were walking and my brother and SIL have enough lights to qualify for several inches of melted icecap from global warming.

Caryn said...

I looked at it I promise! And not for the first time either. I like all your dollies, but I don't think I'd dare bring anything else home til I've unpacked what I've got and worked out what (if anything) I have to chuck out to make it all fit

And you know we've met, talked AND emailed before!


Casp said...

ooh - me me!

my daughter would love a little doll.