Monday, November 26, 2007

Miniature Dolls

The last of my Ebay miniature dolls arrived today from Germany and England. I am very pleased with them.

Here is a small Scots man and Dutch woman, and two little teen dolls.

The baby is a cute hard plastic miniature, and the ceramic one has non-movable limbs and both are sitting nicely on the floor

This is an interesting mixture of German dolls mostly. The little soldier one could be composition - an interesting texture.

And finally the little ones from Germany - including a composition doll on the right. One of the little babies needs restringing - and all of them need some clothes. Time to get knitting and crocheting I think - can't be naked for Christmas. I am pleased to have two lovely little composition dolls - much older. Now I must chase up the meanings of some of the markings on their backs.

The thing is with miniature dolls - they don't take up near the space of the bigger ones. Out unit is in dire need of reorganisation - I have moved the material stash around and made it accessible. I have tidied up the corner where the dolls have taken over. Have to finish stashing away the wool yet...


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