Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I have finshed rolling up all the material for my craft shop. Recognise it TSS?

Also I have started cleaning up my baby dollies - here is Marjorie after a tub, and hair in curlers. The curlers are chopped up straws with bobby pins... I washed her hair with shampoo and conditioner - supposed to make it soft and shiny again. We shall see how it goes.


m1k1 said...

That's an impressive amount of fabric rolling.

Janet McKinney said...

Thanks to your not so inconsiderable addition to the collection. I love going into quilting shops where there are rows and rows and rows of fabric all arranged by colour. I think I have nearly got that effect here


RecycleMicol said...

Awww...so glad to have contributed! It's looking lovely.


Taphophile said...

Craft shop looks great. Will you show us close ups of the different rooms?

Marj looks much happier :)