Saturday, November 10, 2007

Industry on a Saturday

I have been industrious this morning - I made two little quilts for m1k1 in return for some stash for my craft shop I am making. Do you really think she will send me a thousand of them? I hope they arrive before summer - imagine trying to build up enough "outs" to make up for that.

Anyhow - I can't show you them until she gets them can I ... so you will have to wait. Just rest assured - they are cute....

Janet McK


Taphophile said...

You are powering through. Well done.

Don't suppose you know anyone who likes larger dolls. I have my Nanna's collection taking up valuable real estate in my house. Really looking for someone who will love them like she did.

Janet McKinney said...

I am more than happy to love any dolls that need loving... especially if they are old dolls... Big or small, I am nor sizest!!


Taphophile said...

Janet, you're a God send!

My email is peggysmum AT yahoo DOT co DOT UK.

Would you email me your phone no/address and I'll call you to make arrangements for the adoption.