Friday, November 9, 2007

Reloving dolls

Well - I won the first of the batches of dolls from ebay. I am feeling the impulse to rescue baby dolls who once were loved and have been deserted. The advantage of doing this over human babies is that they don't complain if I store them in the cupboard when the urge dies down...

They just cried out to be loved - especially the composite doll that has the white patches on it. All up, I paid just over $16 to buy them and have them posted to me from USA. Bargain.

Yesterday, I finished the sweetest little doll with a pink dress - all hand stitched. I will send a photo when ... well I keep on saying that don't I.

In the mean time - some more photos of my previous work.

This is called stash and slash (I think). You start with a bundle of 6 squares, and cut them in half any way you like. Then you jumble up the pieces, and stitch them together again. Pile them up again, and slash them again - only to stitch it up again, and so on. If you are very systematic about the rotating of pieces to be joined, you get 6 unique pieces that are stitched together in a common design. I kind of like it.

Some little tiny purses made from seed beads.



m1k1 said...

I think the stash quilt is very good. I have a LARGE box of leftover bits (being kept of course for just such a project - actually enough for a quilt for every dollshouse bed in Australia, I'm thinking). I'm not much of a hand-sewer, and I know where the sewing machine is. Over there, behind all those boxes of all the other projects just waiting for me. How can it be so difficult to finish anything?

Glad the babies have found a welcoming home with you. And such a bargain!

Janet McKinney said...

I am prepared to do a swap for you...

I am making a craft/material shop and always on the look out for pieces of material 4cm x 13cm.

So if you would so kindly allow me to raid your fabric stash, I will make you a couple of little quilts for you...

My babies will be most welcome. I need to make clothes for the dozens I already have!!!


m1k1 said...

Done! Just let me know your colour preferences, or does anything go? I guess so, if it's to be a shop. How many thousand pieces would you like? OK - an exaggeration. Email me at with your postal address, and I will send a selection to you.

Janet McKinney said...

email on the way - I just love the generosity's of crafters.... Thank you so much


Charlene said...

Purses for goodie bags!!!!