Thursday, November 15, 2007

Now look what has happened.

Reading about knitting wash cloths has got to me ... now I have started doing it.

I have cut out the fabric swatches to roll up into fabric bolts for the craft shop. Just a few that I have still to make into bolts!!

Otherwise, the last couple of days I have been busy editing and preparing the local community newspaper. It is my first one and I will link to it when it goes online. Such a satisfying task to have (almost) completed.

Oh I forgot - and I celebrated by last birthday in the naughty forties, and better still, our 10th wedding anniversary. The thing is, I am 33kg lighter than last birthday, and i feel I am at least 15 years younger. I suspect I may have added 15 years to my life.



The Shopping Sherpa said...

Pah! That means you're younger than I am!

Happy birthday. I think I have presents for you when you drop off the CF card...

Taphophile said...

So many things to celebrate - congratulations and felicitations on them all. :)