Saturday, November 24, 2007

Frugalling Saturday

This was supposed to be my haul for today - fabric from The Bargain Place (or whatever it is called) in Queanbeyan for making dolls clothes. The black and white reversible was irresistible - make an interesting bag or something. Spent about $12.00 There is some pastel pink crystal organza - can't you see a delightful party dress for a doll there!
and of course some wool - baby wool for baby clothes, and white cotton for face cloths - $3.50
Then this bag of curlers - just perfect for curling dolls hair - and plenty of them. Dunno what I paid - they came with some fabric.
Then young Madam rung up - "Mum, there is an ad in the Canberra Times for bargain material at a church in Chifley. Will you take me?" She won me over. In the process, we visited the Salvos in Woden - and this doll jumped into my hands. I resisted several other beautiful dolls that just wanted to talk to me, but they didn't have the urgent need for love that this one showed. 50 cents
BUT - at the fabric sale - four large garbage bags of remnants for $5 each. They all jumped into my car. I am sure glad I don't have to count every piece as an "in" - $20. The fabric is wonderful quality and most pieces are at least 1 metre in length. Make some interesting bags, dolls clothes, and I think I will HAVE to give some away.

Two pieces in particular just cry out to be made into tops for me - just lovely. If I needed any more skirts, there is plenty of material here (I think 20 skirts is enough at the moment - but some of them are getting too big, so I guess they won't last forever).


Taphophile said...

You did have a good day! Your curlers are perming rods, BTW - I remember them very well indeed.

Janet McKinney said...

Yes I did know - i remember them far too well as well - ALWAYS for many years had my hair permed. I have been glad once I decided to try out leaving my hair in its natural state - which now I definitely prefer.

They are finer than curling rods, and so much better for dolls hair.