Saturday, March 29, 2008

Super Saturday

Boy am I glad I am not counting ins and outs...

It all started with a visit to St Andrews fair this morning... and found Betsy and Paula who just cried out to be loved again.

Then I searched through a box of material and found this stash (well that is what was left after MiniBella took some out of it).

Then it was the ACT Miniature Enthusiast Doll House and Miniatures Fair at Weston Creek. More photos from that later on (I hope if TSS shares hers... I forgot my camera didn't I!)

Anyhow, I bought some fabric pieces from Jen. 80 pieces of beautiful fabric - even if it is only 10cm by 10cm big.

Then at the end of the show - the unbelievable happened. I won the basket of Minis Raffle. Apparently buying 6 tickets and stuffing them into one box worked...

That is kitchen furniture, an old cast iron stove, some crockery, little pots, books, a tea set, and oh so much more... Thank you people.

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Jesse said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! What a great Saturday; I'm very envious of the fabric haul.