Saturday, November 22, 2008

Frugalling Fun

This morning, on my weekly date with my darling, we visited some fetes - first one useless, and then called into tss for a comfort stop, and managed to convince her to become my "voice of frugal reason". (Hahaha - she can't do that!!) After checking out two places which seemed not be open yet, we finally found a garage sale that was open, and I found what is possibly a silver tea pot.

The second garage sale was a bonus - Look - 2 sewing machines - well and truly vintage) - for NOTHING - nada - free - gratis. The owner was pleased to have them go to a place where they could be loved.

Then to the Catholic Church fete in Dickson - and found... 2 bead door hangings, some baking trays, a couple of dolls and this gorgeous teapot... TSS found the mother load - a box full of sewing goodies (watch her blog for more details.


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

If your vintage sewing machine is a Singer 201 you really got a prize!

JustJess said...

Hi Janet - thanks for your comment! I am intrigued! Let's meet up for coffee. TSS has my details. J

Anonymous said...

LOVE the sewing machines!!!! great find