Thursday, November 13, 2008

When Fifty feels like hundred

Tomorrow I turn fifty. I was proud of this - thrilled, and pleased that Fifty is the new Thirty... and all of that

until I needed to renew my driver's license, and because of my heart condition (Atrial Fibrillation), I had to get a letter from my Doctor to say i was OK to drive. All is well - until I asked him, and he got 'that' look on his face. In the end, after umm and arhing, he apologised, and said he couldn't...

So I have my wings clipped - well and truly. As of tomorrow, I cannot drive, until I find a Doctor who will allow me to.

That's OK isn't it - there is always Bob - that is another story... So he can, but should he.

Yes, I am spirally down in depression - won't go too far I hope, but this significantly changes my life doesn't it. Feeling a lot of loss at the moment.

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kissmyfrog said...

Ouch. Now seems like perfect timing to tell you that I have your Pay It Forward goodies ready (bet you thought I'd forgotten!). If you'd like to email me your postal address, then I can get it in the post to you soonest.
Hope that's a little happy in all the gloom. :)