Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life changes...

I give up with the fast changes of life.

I have been working on a Maternity fill in situation - for a while it was part time, and then it was full time. This didn't work out satisfactorily with all the health issues etc I have had, and for a couple of weeks, I went back to part-time. Today, I was informed that this does not work for the position - they need me there 5 days a week, without breaks for Drs visits etc.

The upshot of it is that from today, I am not working again - well I am fortunate enough to be paid out for 4 weeks notice so I will have a chance to look for other work etc.

As I said yesterday, there are a couple of ideas I have been working through in my mind - I will have time tomorrow to tell you. Sometimes these things happen to force you into a change that you suspect may be needed in your life.

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lovestitches said...

sometimes the universe just has to force things down our throat before we hear them. I hope your new situation works out.