Saturday, April 19, 2008

Artwork on my walls

I thought I would show you the artwork I have on my walls. They all have a story, and precious memories.

Firstly there is these family trees made by my Mum. She cross stitched the pictures in the centre to represent her side of the family (top) and that of my father. The top picture has pictures of my daughter Rosie, to my great-great grandmother of the women in the family tree. The bottom picture has my three brothers, Dad, Grandad and my great-grandfather Polley. The photos were printed onto fabric by a local fabric printing store, and she attached them with a piece of fine cotton lace around each picture. They are precious family heirlooms as you can imagine.

This is a couple of needlepoint tapestries I made during a couple of years of deep depression and illness. It is the Earnslaw on Lake Wakitipu, in Queenstown, New Zealand. We spent a number of holidays in Queenstown, and it reminded me of good times there.

This is another tapestry I made at the same time, of the Church of the Good Shepherd, at Tekapo, Central Otago, New Zealand. We visited that church a couple of times, and the view of the lake through the window behind the altar was just remarkable. I found it a place of great peace.

Mum made this one in long stitch, and Dad made the frame by laminating the timber strips together, and turning them on the lathe. They are precious to me.

This peacock - again needlepoint tapestry, was made by Bob's mother, and a keepsake we were able to keep after her death.

This oil painting was done by an elderly neighbour of mine when I first returned to Maryborough from New Zealand. It is of Ibises and was a scene on the Mary River wetlands between Maryborough and Hervey Bay.

Bob's mother made this leather work, and she gave it to me before we were married. It was a sign to me of a real acceptance, and is much treasured. It was a scene from the Australian Bicentennial celebrations of the tall ships arriving in Sydney Harbour.

This precious appliqué hanging was given to me by a friend just before we left to come to Canberra. She was nervous giving it away, as it was the first hand made object she had given as a gift. it is precious, and so many little pieces of material were used and embroidered in such detail. I love it.

Finally this is the fabric painting I found this morning in my frugalling / garage sale hunting. I just love the colours, the fact that it is hand made, and the birds are beautiful. I stapled it over a canvas and have hung it on the wall unframed.

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