Sunday, April 20, 2008

I lurve being a Nanny

I had the two cutest little boys over for the morning - and their Mummy of course. Mummy learned how to thread her sewing machine, and wind a bobbin. And then she made 2 skirts for herself with an elastic waist. Both were from pieces of batik material - and she has enough for two more. next time we will make some little boys trousers with elastic waists - same process, adding the crotch seam.

Two boys helped Nanny made (and then eat) Anzac biscuits, played in their big cardboard box cubby house, tipped the toy box out, and had a long time playing while cleaning it all up, did some painting, including the balcony tiles (Poppy is asleep - he is not going to be happy!!), and waited and waited and waited for the cake Nanny made to get cooked in the oven.

The absolutely best bit was while driving them home I hear this little "Excuse me Nanny". "Yes love" I replied. "I love you Nanny"... Are their any sweeter words in the universe - I don't think so. Of course the same little munchkin was in charge of the plastic box with the freshly cooked cake in it to carry to the car - and couldn't resist opening the lid to get a smell. Of course you know what happened... so it got put in a plastic bag with the handles tied together to reduce the temptation involved.

All in all, the best possible Sunday morning - and now I am ready for a Nanny nap I think...

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