Saturday, April 19, 2008

Frugalling Saturday 2

As well as the material, I bought some more interesting things.

Firstly - all the bits and pieces I need to learn a new craft. Something I have been wanting to learn for a long time.

It has a styrofoam pad to pin the lace onto, a dozen bobbins (I already have four - so this is enough to do quite a wide lace piece), instructions and some cotton. Hmmm looks interesting.

A cool apron. I have been thinking about making myself one of these, in fact when I was thinking through what I could do today, making an apron was considered. Now I have one... and love the patchwork printed material.

Two little babies rescued from Aussie junk for $2. Twins I think.

And two more little celluoid dolls - much older, and rescued from Aussie Junk at Mugga Lane. They cry out for love. I love them.

And at a garage sale - bundle of Childcraft books - full of stories and poems and things to do, to be read with the Grandchildren.... because we finished the Winnie the Pooh book when they stayed over on Wednesday night - well actually we finished it Thursday morning before dropping them off home on on my way to work, because we were all dressed and fed, and wanted another story. We all love the cuddle together in Nanny's bed reading a book... ($2)

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