Saturday, April 19, 2008

Frugalling Saturday 1

This morning, we got a newspaper, and marked some garage sales to visit. What fun, even if we had to drive 80km to do it!

I found two boxes of scraps at garage sales - and people who understood the principle - "She who dies with the most stash - wins!" (there was another box of scraps, but no picture...)

and a pile of remnants I found at a church garage sale for $10

A bag of fabrics - including these curtains and the wool (shown later on) for $5

In the boxes I found these little treasures - some silk fabric

This tablecloth - what a cutie

Some Solomon Island place mats - make nice bags I think

A couple of Malaysian theme batik fabric

and this beauty - made with batik, and something like silk painting (on cotton fabric though) and signed by Arka. It will be stretched over a canvas and placed on the wall - I love it...
And of course, a bag of Totem bluebell wool bits... Nice for a patchwork blanket I have started.

I left home with $50 - and I spent it all (including the stuff below). But I think it was incredible value.

Tomorrow, Liz and the grandies come over, and we are having a sewing day. make some skirts for Liz, and some pants and shirts for the boys - as well as teaching Liz some sewing techniques. Will be fun. I will take photos.

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