Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bags and hats

I have been making some bags and hats. they are all fully lined, and I love them. They are for sale. All materials has been obtained either from op shops or other frugalling expeditions, or has been re-purposed from no longer used clothing. The quality of material is outstanding.

This matching beret and hand bag is made from pure silk, and is lined with polyester material.

Here is the hat
and bag

Another bag and hat set made from cotton velveteen, and lined with acetate rayon lining.

A hat made from cotton damask - an interesting texture

and another one made from re-purposed suiting. It is a delightful jade colour.

An Etsy shop is coming soon...

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Chris Worthy said...

Janet, I look forward to your etsy shop. I am opening one as well -- I do not have your talent, but I do like to make things and I have quite a few vintage patterns and buttons to sell. Please let me know when your shop is open and I will post about it. I love that you are repurposing items! Best to you!