Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Introducing.... The Green Granny

OK then - after the little grumble below... I must introduce you to the newest member of our house.

The Green Granny is my alter ego - she is full of wonderful advice on how to be more earth friendly by learning and using the "Gentle Arts" - of course leading to a more Gentle Footprint on the earth.

The Green Granny will be starting up her own blog before too long too... watch this space


Anonymous said...

Go Go Green Granny Do Yar Thing Green Granny

Chris Worthy said...

I love it!

Eilleen said...

Thank you so much for helping me learn how to do patchwork yesterday Janet!

All the best with Green Granny and Gentle Footprint.

I hope things are settling now with your heart.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Green Granny as at wwww.greengranny.org? If not, it might get a bit confusing.

Janet McKinney said...

To the anonymous person who left the last comment... I wish you had left a contact so I could contact you - but maybe you will see this.

No, it is not the same person. And yes there is a risk of confusion - well except for the fact that the site you referred to is on the other side of the globe in the USA - and I am in Australia.

Given the billions of sites on the net, there is a risk of two people having the same name I know - especially one as generic as Green Granny (note - mine is three words The Green Granny - the other is a single word greengranny). However, my associated website will not be called the green granny but Gentle Footprint - for which I have purchased the appropriate Australian domain. The Green Granny will be the character behind the website.

Thankfully, the law states that I only have to ensure that a registered name does not clash with another registered name in my state in Australia.

Having said all of that - if Green Granny in the USA has an international trade mark on the use of the name, then I am happy to discuss with them the appropriate response that I should make to this.

Janet McKinney

Joyce Emery said...

Greetings! The USA Greengranny here, Joyce Emery at www.greengranny.org.

I noticed as of fall 2008, Oxfam has a whole series of Green Grannies doing helpful U-Tube items. I guess there is just no containing us! I wish you much success on The Green Granny, Janet.

I write essays about my ideas and personal experiences in many areas related to the environment, some of which are crafts. The blog is my writing alone with no sponsorship. However, I am given much support by Keith Farnish of the UK, who co-founded Green Seniors with me two years ago. www.greenseniors.org

Janet, the Oxfam grannies, and all of you, dear readers, we consider part of the "green seniors movement" (though some of you are not old enough for the senior label--that's why we say "age no limit").

Please drop by and visit!